RAGEFUL unveil cover artwork and track-list for debut album “Ineptitude”

Rageful reveal cover artwork

Heavy News by Katha

RAGEFUL are a Death Metal quintet from Lisbon, Portugal, arisen in 2016 from a previous project called Wall of Death. In November 2019, they released a video for “Feed the Pigs” to give a first impression of their work. The band produced all the audio and video themselves, which allowed them to explore different skills besides the music. 

Check it out here:

Now, they’ve unveiled the cover artwork and track-list for their upcoming debut album “Ineptitude”. The illustration was created by Eric Hyrcza (Kahinienn Graphix).

Rageful – Ineptitude (illustration by Eric Hyrcza)

The band states: “Ineptitude” is the name that we’ve chosen to resume the entire lyric concept of the album. We made a parallelism with our current society, full of interests and corruption, in which, most of the time, we chose the selfishness and ineptitude paths. What we propose is an unambiguous album, straight to the point, without excuses. 10 tracks loaded with pure Death Metal!”


  • 1 – Inhuman Greed
  • 2 – Feed the Pigs
  • 3 – Slavery Ways
  • 4 – Whispering Rage
  • 5 – Unsocial Network
  • 6 – Clouds Of Fear
  • 7 – The Rage is Coming
  • 8 – LCTS
  • 9 –  Membership to Self-Existence   
  • 10 – Portugal the Torch


  • Leonardo Bertão (vocals)
  • Paulo Soares (drums)
  • João Arcanjo (bass)
  • Cláudio Santos (guitar)
  • Ricardo Pato (guitar)  


Due to the current state of the world, the planned album release had to be postponed, the new date will be announced as soon as possible.

But they’re gonna reveil a new song on May 1st entitled “The Rage is Coming”, which will be available on all major streaming platforms (you can listen to “Feed the Pigs” there as well). So stay tuned!

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