Scott Morrison Forces Handshake and Murdoch Media Edits Video To Make Victims Look Bad

Written by Carcassbomb

My readership is largely overseas and I know you’re all seeing the news about us, this article is to help provide maximum context. Also the featured image above is of Scott Morrison receiving Trump’s approval.

So what happened exactly?

Fires are rampaging through Australia in a way the world has never seen before with the biggest flames and largest area to burn at once. Firefighters both on the payroll and volunteer are risking their lives to battle the inferno with many losing their lives. Meanwhile Scott Morrison, our supposed leader, was on his third holiday for the year, in Hawaii. To try and win back some good faith he gave money to some of the firefighters but not even close to enough. This insincere gesture made him hated even by those who voted for him.

Here’s an infographic to put it into perspective. If this was happening to your country would you be on holiday?

Naturally the whole country was upset, so when Scott Morrison returned from holiday he decided it would be a good idea to do one of Australia’s typical meet and greet at a disaster zone to try and make him look good. To try and save face. Instead what happened was that the devastated town of Cobargo was angry at him, for a bloody good reason, and they weren’t willing to play along. Firefighters refused to shake his hand because they lost their homes and some lost their friends. Scott Morrison also attempted to shake a woman’s hand who did not want to, Scott Morrison forced a handshake and when she spoke out about his lack of funding to the fire fighters one of his lackey actively shushed her. When asked afterwards, it was clear the reason for this contempt is because everyone knew that Scott Morrison was insincere.

Both non-handshakes can be seen below in this short clip (posted 12 hours after the original edited video because they buckled)

The thing is, this part of it is edited out of any footage presented by the Australia news outlets and instead has the below footage along with headlines calling them an “Angry Mob”, essentially minimizing them with propaganda tactics. It’s no secret that every major news outlet in Australia is owned by a single entity, Rupert Murdoch. It’s also no surprise that this media monopoly pushed a single political agenda as we have seen countless times with one sided smear campaigns and manipulation of information to make an event favorable or not so favorable according to the needs of the liberal party (For the US readers, our liberal is your conservatives, which in itself is a manipulation). The Australian media is a tool used by politicians to turn Australians against Australians, newspaper headlines calling the unemployed “bludgers” are the norm. This is a government against its people, this is fascism in Australia.

Here’s the narrative without the inciting incident that was more widely used, from the Guardian because they are the last to pull their story despite buckling.

Then after 9News got called out on their shit they made a new article that is more realistic but in no way addresses their previous attempt to bend the truth. Everyone is buckling under the same pressure Scott Morrison deservingly felt when he went into Cobargo. What’s even worse is that they scrapped everything they could that described the town as an “angry mob” and many other outlets did too. They still describe them in a bad light for the most part however.

The online reality and media narrative literally changed as I was writing this article. Please send any screencaps you may have to

Here’s a screencap of one of the headlines making the people look bad:

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