Album Review: Whoretopsy – Take My Breath Away 8.5 (Brutal Death)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Whoretopsy
  • Take My Breath Away
  • Brutal Death Metal
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Sep 21st 2018
  • 8.5/10


Whoretopsy recently got a new vocalist and I have to say right off the bat that he sounds awesome. The style is far more hardcore influenced than a lot of the brutal and grind death still around, it’s a really nice blending of genres that doesn’t shift hard enough to ever betray what makes them so metal. From Australian accented hardcore shouts to full blown pig sequels, it’s all here and it all feels valid. Musically they are technically proficient and playful, just down-tuned to hell. They often qualify under death metal and grindcore in equal measure, some more purist metalheads might not enjoy this offering but I consider it refreshing and a heap of fun. They embody “Australia” in a lot of ways – often sarcastically which in it’s self is very Australian. Nothing here is done without anger coated humor or humor coated anger.

I’m digging all of the techniques going on with the guitars, I’m talking precision palm muting, well timed tremolo picking that alternates notes quickly, sweep picking and psychotic crab-like fret work. Whoretopsy feels like a well oiled machine that stops and starts however it pleases. I also love the “jumpability” some of these songs have. There’s a primal beat that lends it’s self to weaponizing your limbs. This is music for the most severe of mosh pits, the kind where a lot of metalheads sit to the side and look down on the violence unfolding before them. Get your fucking thongs, shorts and gym shirt and spin around punching the air. Form a wall of death. Stay hydrated.

The lyrics are a read on their own, plenty of controversy and humor beneath the brutality of Whoretopsy. A lot of tongue in cheek gore related puns and track titles that play with words – referencing well-known pop music. “The Bone Collector” tells the story of a woman who goes around biting bad men’s dicks off, constantly referring the miniature stature of the dick in question. Plenty of references to Australia in general as well with the use of slang words, curse words, vehicles and locations. This is the most pronounced I’ve seen Australia’s accent in the music and lyrics of an extreme metal band so far. The inclusion of hardcore yelling vocals really help highlight this with the unmistakable tone of an Aussie calling someone a “cunt” or yelling “Fucks sake” in frustration. It’s a common grindcore staple to be offensive and it has led to cancellations of Whoretopsy shows in the past. I haven’t delved too far in myself, mostly being exposed to them through live shows and this new LP.

I think that the consistent presence of beat and rhythm really help carry the songs along without tedium. It moves around a lot and different beats require different approaches from the lead vocals and guitars. The changes made to adapt are always interesting, there’s a couple of moments where I wanted that style to be the whole album but when it did come back around later on it really pumps you up. It’s fast and brutal but still sounds musical at it’s core. I consider it to be an excellent work on a technical level. The presentation is kind of confused to me but that hardly matters, often in this game of album cover charades I just don’t know the answer. I also can’t find who did the artwork here, so if anyone knows send me an email or message on IG. It uses a lot of the classic grindcore illustration ideas like the toxic green colors and uncomfortable interaction between two humans.

Overall it has large appeal potential across the divide of metal and -core music, the emphasis is on the heaviness and playing the shit out of your instrument. Something every musician can appreciate. The mixing is perfect and everything is where it should be in the headset. It’s a clean release that helps to put Whoretopsy into the serious metal arena. They aren’t signed but they do have merch available so go check them out and give them support.


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