Album Review: Grimdor – Stone Of The Hapless EP 10 (Black Metal/DS)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Grimdor
  • Stone Of The Hapless
  • Raw black metal/dungeon synth
  • May 2019
  • 10/10


I did not know that I wanted to hear lofi dungeon synth black metal until this started playing. I can’t believe how listenable this. It’s clearly something finely crafted, using imperfection to accentuate the music. This is some more of the nerdy black metal shit I love. This is my first time hearing them so I have no idea what the rest of their discography is like but I’ll have to take a look back. This is a nice succinct concept album with an audio premise.

There’s some really peaceful moments where the keys are used to great effect with the graininess on the mixing. Particularly the opening the closing tracks. It has this atmosphere like I’ve just fallen down the secret entrance to the castle in Link’s Awakening and it’s raining. I really wish this was a full length, I could listen to this for well over an hour and for the first time I don’t mind interludes, because they really fit the record here.

I’m giving this a personal ten, but in the context of it being an EP. I think black metal with nerdy themes is just my thing, whether it’s Tolkien or Lovecraft, or even Dark Souls. It’s all good stuff and great fictional universes to explore across multiple disciplines. It appears to be a similar kind of one man band or small collaboration like the recently reviewed Solus, with some contributions noted on the bandcamp. I always find these kinds of projects impressive when the placement of everything is just right, and even though they often cover well trodden ground, being a lone creator just has a way of bringing an alternative sound to whatever they do. Their individual sound rather than a collective sound formed as a band. You can always feel the personal aspects of the work more.

I picked this record based on the cover art, it continues the theme of covers depicting a scene. This is a really detailed one done by Heraldo Mussolini Instagram – who has a style I really dig, it’s great fantasy, D&D and Magic The Gathering type drawings. Even though it’s all dark shades and gloomy, it has so much detailing that it feels very alive, like something unfolding and I think he really captured a moment here. If it’s based on something, I’m not aware of it.

I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this project and treasuring this release for some time. It also reminds me of another record I recently loved, The Grand Psychotic Castle by Tartaros, I’m really happy with this niche collection I’m getting onto this year.

It’s dirt cheap on bandcamp so make sure to pick it up.

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