Album Review: Eluvian – “Prophetic Flame” 8/10 (Melo Death)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Eluvian
  • Prophetic Flame
  • Melodic Death Metal
  • Norway
  • 2018
  • 8/10


I found this album due to the artwork from Luke Oram who has done a bunch of solid metal records in the past couple of years like Firelink and Slugdge. He can do a variety of styles really well like fantasy, scifi and horror. He’s done a heap of covers but has a small following, he’s basically one of metals secret weapons right now. As a kind of bonus you can only get here at Noob Heavy, here’s a time lapse of Luke creating the cover for this album:

Prophetic Flame is a unique melodic death metal record that slipped by my radar last year, and with the potential for a release in the near future, it’s probably a good time to get some eyes on these guys. There’s some playful instrumental stuff here for how dark the vibe of the album can get, it has that vintage darkness like Candlemass. I’m glad they found room for solos too because I’m always a sucker for them.

I really like this melodic approach to heavy and dark music. It has all the down-tuning of modern death metal with the melody of somewhere between melodic death metal and death doom. Sometimes there’s some really emotional moments that catch you by surprise and make for an engaging listen. It’s an eccentric blending of genre ideas here and I enjoy it. There’s some people that will probably go batshit for this, I can easily see an appeal to people looking for something a little bit different in their death metal.

The mixing and production is reflective of their independent status but it isn’t muddy or unclear in any way, it’s just… dank, in the literal use of the word? As a self released debut this album is top tier quality, I can definitely see where the next record will improve upon this one. A more narrowing of a signature sound that hopefully takes the melody to new heights or the despair to new lows.

Solid work from a new band that I will surely revisit.


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