Album Review: Deadwood Lake – “Immortalised In Death” 7/10 (Black Metal)

Written by Alex

  • Deadwood Lake
  • Immortalised In Death
  • Melodic Black Metal
  • United Kingdom
  • August 16, 2019
  • UKEM Records
  • 7/10

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This is my first encounter with Deadwood Lake and I have to say that, all in all, it’s pretty positive. This band is a black metal outfit that is on the melodic side of the spectrum. Melodic and atmospheric black metal is kind of my domain, as it’s what I tend to listen to the most, so I’m usually a harder critic on these types of bands. That being said, I’m pretty pleased with this album.

Artwork by Misanthropic-Art

The biggest thing that I noticed when I was first listening to this, was the production. It retains some of that rawness you usually associated with black metal but all the instruments are clear to be heard. This is the type of production I like the most when it comes to black metal, so I have so complaints there. Another thing that you really notices while listening to this is the atmosphere of this album. It tends to go from being sad and vastly emotional, then to being cold if even slightly bitter sounding. Being that this is an album about someone close to the band that passed away, these emotions are understandable and it makes the album an immersive experience. These are all normal emotions one goes through when dealing with death, grief and loss. I think they really got their feelings and intentions across in this regard.

I think the reason I’m not quite so stoked on this release is due to some of the other melodic leaning black metal albums that have come out this year that I think are better. When I compare this album to the Wormwitch or Panzerfaust albums from this year, it falls a little short for me. One of the reasons for this is the vocal delivery on Deadwood Lake’s album. Wormwitch has a super solid black metal style shriek that isn’t grating and Panzerfaust had a really unique sounding vocalist that elevates their music. To me, Deadwood Lake’s vocalist doesn’t measure up. He’s not bad at all, in fact, he’s quite good. But he’s got some tough competition when compared to other things I’ve heard this year. I also would have liked a little more tempo variation throughout. They tend to stay in this mid-tempo range the whole album and it certainly would have done them well to change that up a few times.


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