Tape Review: Peasant/Somalgia – Within, Without (Black Metal)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Peasant / Somalgia 
  • Within, Without
  • Black Metal 
  • United Kingdom
  • May 12, 2019
  • Label: Repose Records

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I love split cassettes, you never know what is going to be thrown at you. It forces you into a more open minded state and what I received from this dank split is some enchanting black metal from a bunch of grim cunts in the UK. Limited to a now sold out 50, this is indeed a neat tape to receive. Might as well get on it digitally and give it a listen.

SIDE A, WITHIN: Peasant is a curious bit of music, it feels raw but at the same time employs a lot of techniques I hear in modern BM, achieving an equilibrium between these two worlds. The folky elements are a nice surprise and it sounds like it might actually be authentic acoustic which pleases me since it’s the only instrument I play. Overall It’s high quality and the side ends nicely, it still has momentum but is more considered, making a good segway into the next band.

Side B, WITHOUT: Somalgia is a kindred spirit of Peasant musically so it makes perfect sense that they are sharing this cassette. I enjoy both of them and Somalgia brings their own mix on this melodic style of BM. The harsher aspects are far more lofi on this side but it doesn’t seem to present as strongly during the cleaner parts, it feels like breaking through something, like storm clouds. 

It’s a nice little black metal cassette, Peasant is a more pronounced band in terms of mix and rhythm while the tape finishes with Somalgia which is more relaxed and brings the boom in spikes rather than groove. Both bands sound mature in their approach to the music.

I’d like to thank Repose Records for sending out a bunch of tapes, it’ll be sure to keep me going for a bit and of consistently major label quality of physical product. They have a great catalogue that will surely show up more on Noob Heavy.

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