Interview: Bloody Sadism (Iranian solo grind project)

Interview conducted by Mass

Band: Bloody Sadism
Genre: grindcore – deathgrind
Country: Iran
Date: 20.10.2019

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1) How did you start your work in 2014? how did you conceive of Bloody Sadism?
I started by writing some riffs that were in my mind and after about two years, I had more than thirty tracks and I chose ten of them and began arranging them for final recording. I was looking for a singer but I found out that it’ll be better to be a one-man project, so I began to practice vocal techniques. You know, almost nobody will be able to understand what is inside my head…It’s completely introverted and the pure feeling of anything you hear.

Bloody Sadism’s basics are the filthy thoughts that I got from the society and people and they made the deep hate inside me from the beginning. I try to stay away from ignorant people my target is to be empty of the stupid things that I see every day. And it’s a kind of mind discharge and anybody else who has the same mind’s taste can relate to my music.

2) You have recently released your LP, Eloquent Atrocity. How was this album born?

It was 2016 that I got my final decision to record and release the album. So I began to practice vocal techniques and in August of 2018, I began to record the lines in studio. Every song has its own stories and they are almost related together. It was completely programmed from 2014 till the recording began.
If I want to tell you a summery, the album is about hate, Gore and Humiliations that a person is fighting with and telling to other people. But it’s inside his mind…if you listen to the album from the beginning, there is a man who is in his own room and goes to bathroom and etc… he’s a sick-minded person who is alone with his thoughts and after that the brutality begins like horror movies. From the eighth track (Bipolar Disorder) till the end the person’s good character comes and tries to take away the bad thoughts from his mind and in the ninth track you can hear it clearly. The scales change and the lyrics are about remorse of bad things and the person died at the end of the song. In outro, the person is dead in mind but the pain won’t be finished forever…

3) How can Metalheads listen to your work and what merchandise is available to them?

They can buy the digital copy & T-shirt from sites (such as the label’s bandcamp or other sites) or direct message or email the label for physical copy and T-shirt whenever they are. The label will send them by the international post worldwide (no limits). Also they can listen online for free in label’s bandcamp.

4) Currently you are signed with the Spanish company Base Record Production. How did it happen?

I was looking for a label company for about one month and talked with many of them but finally I signed with Base Record Production. The most difficult things in this album was labels, you know cause I’m Iranian and some of them won’t work with Iranian bands (I don’t know why). However, I signed with BRP and I’m satisfied.

Pooyan Ahmadi – Everything in Bloody Sadism.

5) You are from Iran. Not many metalheads would even think of Iran when it comes to grindcore or brutal death metal. Why did you decide to choose this particular genre?

It’s true. There isn’t any grindcore/deathgrind band in Iran and I’m the first and only band. I’m Iranian but also love metal music and I believe in doing what I want. I don’t like to do the same things that anybody else did before. I’m looking for something new and I found death metal and grindcore as the way to say what I want.
I think it doesn’t matter where you are from. If you do what you want and do it as well as you can, you’ll find your fans. Metal music brings people together and makes friendships and the distances are not important.

6) How do you describe the current underground metal scene in Iran?

There is no official scene in Iran and we can’t do concerts, but I think it’s better for me or my partners, you know, in Iran popular things aren’t good. It’s much better for me to be underground because these people will destroy the metal. They listen to their pop music and I’ll do what I want. If somebody likes your stuff, he’ll search for it. Maybe it’s a wrong belief but it is what it is.

7) What are the difficulties you are facing as a musician in this scene? Are there any advantages to it?

Our country is fighting with embargos and the accessories are expensive for musicians and we can’t do live concerts and gigs, if we can it’ll be with many difficulties. But we’ll do the best we can …

8) Do you work with fellow Iranian bands and artists? What do you think of them?

Yes, I do. I’m a member of many bands and I worked with more than 30 bands in different genres since 2008. Some of them are official and some of them are underground. I play classical, electric, bass, acoustic and flamenco guitars.

9) Do you write all the lyrics yourself? And how important are the lyrics to you?

Yes, I do. They are very important to me ‘cause I say my thoughts by them. They show the sick mind.

10) Within your genre, lyrical themes and motifs are almost limited. Do you wish to keep within these borders or do you intend to expand and extend your work lyrically? If so, how?

Yes, they are. But there is no limit in lyrics and I always try to something different. For example, the Lucid Dream’s lyric are about depression and repentance of brutality.

11) The cover art of your album is truly high-quality. Who has done the artwork of your album?

My friend, Kian did it and I want to say thank you my friend.

12) Tell us what your plans are for 2020. Any concerts, or festivals or other plans?

I’m planning for concerts in different countries. News will be announced soon.

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