EP Review: Ironstone – Prophecy 7.5 (Prog Metal)


Written by Katha

  • Prophecy EP
  • Contemporary Progmetal
  • May 29, 2020
  • Australia
  • Highlights: Downpour – Bound – Better Unseen
  • 7.5/10

IRONSTONE is a young Australian progressive metal band, which came to the Melbourne scene in 2018 and soon earned a reputation for their high energy live shows. Influenced by a range of genres, their music is heavy and percussive, with atmospheric layers and catchy choruses.

Ironstone – Prophecy

Their upcoming debut EP Prophecy contains six powerful tracks, each one with a playing time of 4 to 5 minutes. Covering a broad range of feelings, the lyrics are about the overwhelming doubt of what the future holds, encouraging a journey of self-discovery and to regain the control of your own reality.

Musically, the rhythm section drives the songs forward with pressure, enforced by hard hitting, djent driven riffs and breakdowns. The vocals of Dan Charlton are an expressive addition. Clean, catchy melody lines alternate with distorted parts and underline the message of the songs. At some points, I miss a warmer tone in his performance, as I’m sure he has the ability to put it in his singing from time to time.


To sum it up: Ironstone deliver a solid, contemporary EP with a modern progmetal sound. Keep an eye (and ear) on these guys!

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