Album Review: Naglfar – Cerecloth 8 (Black Metal)

Written by Zax

When asking someone what band got them into black metal, you’ll hear names like Mayhem and Darkthrone thrown around a lot, maybe Bathory if you’re talking to someone older, or Behemoth if they’re younger (maybe even Burzum if they’re a Nazi or something.) My answer to that question, however, is a bit unique, cause I get to say Naglfar, a long running black metal band from Sweden that are back with their first new record in 8 years!

Naturally this was one of my most anticipated records of the year, they’ve been teasing a new album for a long while now. It did not disappoint my incredibly high expectations either! You can essentially pick up the overall mood and vibe of this record from having a look at the cover. This album is dark, sludgy, and nasty. Evil black metal done perfectly well, which is something I’ve always liked about them, they’re able to maintain that evil authentic black metal sound without sacrificing good production quality.

Right off the bat we’re hit with the searing riffs of the opening title track “Cerecloth” that prepares the listener for a truly heavy listen. All hell breaks loose from there with pummeling blastbeats, thunderous bass lines, and evil screamed vocals.

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The band settles into a more doom-laden sound occasionally, giving the record an extra layer of mountainous intensity with massive riffs and a particularly unsettling atmosphere.

Naglfar has nothing to prove at this point in their career, but they continue pumping out insanely quality work that even the most stubborn black metal fan could not deny! This is truly a testament to their strength as a band.


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