Album Review: Dopelord – “Sign Of The Devil” 6/10 (Stoner Doom)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Dopelord
  • Sign Of The Devil
  • Stoner Doom
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • March 10, 2020
  • 6/10

Just earlier this year when I reviewed the latest Major Kong album I was asking why there isn’t more theremin used in doom metal, well here’s my answer. Another great doom entry with a high pitched aesthetic and a playful sound. Get ready to ride the satanic wave in a relatively chilled out fashion. It doesn’t exactly challenge anything but that doesn’t bother many doom fans. It’s more of the good stuff from indie legends.

Artwork by Fabian Staniec

I’m super baked and I can’t remember how to write reviews. It’s a great doom album with a chill vibe, it’s the kind of album you put on when you have a lot of free time. No one has ever been in a rush and put on Dopelord. No one has had to turn down Dopelord to talk to a drive through box, and if they are it’s very late at night for that many calories. No one has ever broken their legs listening to Dopelord.

That’s not to say it’s serene, it certainly has it’s speed moments that thrash. I guess it would be an album for when you’re running late but to like late to getting McDonalds and making the only sober person drive while you put this in the aux. What else is Sign Of The Devil and album for and not for? Well it’s not an album you put on when you’re in the city at 3 am trying to score cocaine at a nightclub. The Jackass crew never listened to Dopelord while doing stunts. That’s about enough of that, if you love a leisurely listen or are also ripped then it is an album for you in most circumstance.

Dopelord: Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook

Vocally there’s a mix of clean and gruff but nothing too crazy. It mostly just fulfills the motion of the instrumentation which drives the plot of it all. There’s a lot atmosphere created through expressive notes. The peaks are hit and miss with a lot of reducing down to sabbath worship without much alteration of the formula. By the end of the album it’s pretty much gone full thrashy speed with repeated and shouted choruses. I’m just not feeling any imagination beyond the opening tracks with the theremin.

This one is for the completionist and Dopelord fans.


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