Album Review: Death. Void. Terror. – To The Great Monolith II 8 (Black/Doom)

Written by Zax

  • Death. Void. Terror.
  • To The Great Monolith II
  • Black/Doom
  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • Repose Records
  • January 24, 2020
  • 8/10

I love finding metal records with a very unsettling atmosphere, something that’s dark and creepy to the point where it’s overbearing. One of the greatest examples of this in my opinion is Dragged Into Sunlight‘s 2011 record “Hatred For Mankind.” A new entry to this fantastic set of records is the new Death. Void. Terror album titled To The Great Monolith II.

With a band name like Death. Void. Terror. it’s pretty clear what you’re getting yourself into. The band fuses black metal and doom metal with bits of drone and even dark ambient thrown in there, this makes for a very savage combination. This album sounds like it’s erupting directly from the pits of hell.

One major selling point on the record is the production. It’s raw and murky, and goddamn does it make this record sound absolutely giant. That’s of course partially due to the massive riffs and furious blast beats being laid down here too.

Available on Cassette and CD via Repose Records store

The heavier sections on the record are broken up by pieces of dark ambient and drone. I’ll admit to not knowing much about drone, but the dark ambient on here is really good. They utilize some incredibly unsettling and textured soundscapes, complete with mysterious whispers, glitchy instrumentals, and ominous singing. Speaking of singing, the vocals on here are pretty varied. We get some destructive guttural growls, some very raw yells with a bit of DSBM influence behind them, and some creepy, almost orchestral baritone clean vocals.

Structurally, we have about 44 minutes worth of content spreading over 4 expansive tracks. The album feels like a black hole sucking you in, it’s absolutely relentless and I think that’s exactly what they were going for. Huge props to these guys!

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