Album Review: Eschaton – “Death Obsession” 7.7/10 (Tech Death)

Written by Zax


Eschaton are an American tech death band signed with Unique Leader Records. The first thing that struck me about this band was their uncanny knack for masterful song writing and playing ability mixed with primitive raw brutality. The first band they brought to mind was Beneath The Massacre, and when you can compare something to Beneath The Massacre, it’s bound to be quality.

Artwork by Tony Koehl

Technical death metal comes in many different forms, I enjoy all of them, from the well produced hyper technicality of Obscura, to the more raw, chaotic, and mathy textures of a band like Origin. Something about when a band bridges that gap perfectly sounds so fucking good to me.

Eschaton use riffs and guttural vocals that would fit right into an old school death metal album from the 90s. Then you have the lead work, those bass lines, and the overall song structure and writing that is very characteristic of post-2010 tech death. This leaves the listener with many different layers of sound to dissect. It can be listened to in a number of ways. The versatility of this particular style is what I think draws me to it so much. It can be taken as just a straight up rager to headbang to, with its blastbeats and chunky riffs, but it’s equally fun to sit there and take in all the cool technical shit and song crafting skills that went into making it.

As far as the production here goes, everything is pretty top notch. It’s not too polished, or too raw. Everything is mixed very well; every element shines through nicely.

Both Unique Leader Records and the tech death genre have done incredibly well this year, it’s no wonder that when paired together amazing things can happen! Huge props to the dudes in Eschaton, definitely go give this a spin.


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