Where, when and how to promote yourself.

Paid Promotions (FB & IG):

Here’s my take, it’s largely a scam in that it lures small business and projects when it can’t actually help them in a meaningful way. The real way it works is through the corporations that can drop THOUSANDS of dollars into ad campaigns without officially being a partner with the platform. Facebook and by extension Instagram get the most of their money this way but also encourage small amounts from independent projects because get a few dollars from millions of people adds up. It doesn’t however add up to success for you.

I’ve tried a lot of ad campaigns for various amounts and as far as I can tell, on the smaller scale, it’s bots or accounts not relevant to what you’re promoting, often not even from the locations specified in my campaign. Unless you’re spending thousands to be on every feed like Pizza Hut, you’re not going to go very far. You at least have to be willing to drop like a 100 or more and have well researched the parameters for the most effective campaign. Walking in blind will just rob you blind. Google everything you do.

Unless you’re obscenely rich, I’d advise against dropping a lot of money into ads that aren’t suited to the metal world and instead just hire PR. It’ll be more effective advertising as it’s directly targeting the global metal scene.

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