Chilean Death metal: Weight Of Emptiness Release New Video

Written by Carcassbomb

Welcome to the first news post of many to come, Noob Heavy has been intending to broach the world of news for a while now and what better place to start than a submission from Chile. In 2019 Chilean metal really made its way onto my radar with it’s politically fueled and always interesting music culture so I’m happy to start 2020 by bringing something from South America to south of the equator for all of my friends to see.

Weight Of Emptiness are death/doom band who recently released their second major album, Conquering The Deep Cycle, released in 2019 under the Australis Records label. Even more recently they just dropped a brand new lyric video for the track “Invisible Mind Workers” which is an appropriately lyric driven song about tyranny… and reptilians. Because, why not? Check it out, it’s much prettier than many of the lyric videos I’ve seen lately.

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Here’s the awesome album cover by Claudio Hernández:

Here is some more information provided to me:

“The album was recorded in The Farm Studio (bass, guitars and vocals) and Audio Custom Studio (drums).  Mixed and mastered in Ripo Studio by Richard Iturra. “Invisible Mind Workers” features the participation of Mexican singer Yamhanty Adler. The Lyric video was made by Claudio Abarca of PRK Films.”

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