Interview: Luca Indrio from Necrot

Interview by Steven

There has been some really great Death Metal releases in 2020… and one of the best has been by Oakland (USA) band Necrot. Front-man and bassist Luca Indrio agreed to have a chat to Steve from Aeons Abyss for the Noob Heavy website… Enjoy!

Mortal (2020) by Necrot – Cover art by Art by Marald Van Haasteren

The name “Necrot” is about as Death Metal as it gets.  How did you come up with that name, who’s in your band, and when did you guys first start?

We wanted a name that people would know immediately that we are a death metal band. Necrot was appropriate for that. 

You’ve had amazing success with your new album “Mortal”.  What are 3 things we need to know about this release?

More than anything you need to listen to it and see if you like it. It’s a death metal album. 

What is your favorite track, and why?

Might be “Asleep Forever”, but I really enjoy all the songs. I chose this one because I like to think it sets us apart from what other bands are doing this days. 

Lyrics from Asleep Forever

Deep inside, fading away.
Can you see the passing of time?
Pushing through stages of life now I see. Everything leads to the end
when we’ll be asleep forever.
Hollow words, all we have
to explain this curse.
Growing old, consuming life. Understood. Everything leads to the end
when we’ll be asleep forever.
Darkness, fear, enter the spirit realm
with opened eyes you see black
now you’re allowed to forget.
All that you wanted turned into pain,
long is the night of the ones who suffer.
Endless pain enduring life.
Come with us, follow us down to the end
when we’ll be asleep forever.

Tell us about your label, Tankcrimes.  How are they to work with?

Everything is real good working with Tankcrimes. We have been friends for years and we come from a similar background of punk and metal shows and DIY attitude.

Necrot has a reputation for being relentless touring beasts.  What’s your approach to touring and playing live and do you have any crazy touring stories you’d like to share?

We try and tour as much as possible, we really like to bring the show directly to the people and being able to meet the people who supports our band and have the same passion for death metal as we do. We also get the chance to get our music known in new places and travel. 

Necrot at The Tote, in Melbourne in 2019

When you played in my hometown of Melbourne last year (2019), I brought your LP Blood Offerings (2017) direct for you at the merch table (which was pretty cool).  What’s Necrot’s approach to merch, and also your fans in general?

Merch and live shows are the only way for a band to survive these days so we have to do that too. Working the merch table sometimes is very tiring during tours, but is also fun and you get to meet and talk to the people that want to support your band directly.

Blood Offerings (2017) by Necrot – purchased direct from Luca himself at the Melbourne gig (2019)

Necrot has been quite active on the Black Lives Matter issue (as was Noob Heavy), including promoting a series on your socials titled “Metal vs Racism”.  Why is this important to you and do you think that the metal community does enough when it comes to these types of societal issues?

You can see the videos on Luca’s Instagram profile

I think its more about what not to do, and what not to do is being an asshole or feel that certain places are made for someone but not for someone else. Extreme music should be a place that is open to anyone who wants to be part or it and not a weird elite of people who feels better than others. We all lose when someone doesn’t feel welcome into the metal circle. It’s very unfortunate and needs to get better. 

What do you have coming up in the next 6-months?

Not much band related unfortunately the pandemic has put everything in standby.

Last question … you often post photos of some delicious looking meals on your Instagram.  Are you able to cook, and what’s your favourite dish?

I think knowing how to make food is an important skill. It’s too expensive to eat outside and it’s too sad to eat cheap garbage every day. 

Thanks for the interview, we had an amazing time in Australia and it’s a truly beautiful country. We went back to the USA with great memories, hopefully one day we’ll be there again!

Necrot band members L to R: Sonny Reinhardt, Luca Indrio & Chad Gailey

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