French proggers ALTESIA release band playthrough for “The Confined Child”

Progmetal band Altesia

Heavy News by Katha

A while ago, I came across ALTESIA thanks to a recommendation on Twitter and got infected by their music. “Paragon Circus” (released in December 2019) is their debut album and a great listening pleasure. Now, they’ve published a band playthrough video. Each musician recorded his part at home due to the current well-known situation, that also caused the renaming of the song: Originally “The Prison Child”, now “The Confined Child”.

Check it out here:

The band states:
“To be confined doesn’t mean to be inactive! We’ve taken advantage of this situation to record our first music video ever, renamed ‘The Confined Child’ for the occasion. All the instruments were re-recorded for the video (except the keyboards and Clément’s vocals and rhythm guitar for logistical reasons due to confinement). We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did! Stay safe, and hopefully we’ll be able to go back on stage shortly!”


About the band:
Altesia is a French prog metal band, founded by Clément Darrieu in Bordeaux in 2017. Their style is influenced by Opeth, Haken, Leprous and Dream Theater. The music sails between genres, from progressive rock to progressive metal, disseminating jazz, funk, pop or even death metal hints.


Listen and order Paragon Circus on BANDCAMP

Altesia - Paragon Circus
Altesia – Paragon Circus

Clément Darrieu – All vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Alexis “Idler” Casanova – Lead and rhythm guitar
Antoine Pirog – Bass
Yann Ménage – Drums
Henri Bordillon – Keyboard

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