Tape Review: Midnight – Sweet Death & Ecstasy 8.7

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Midnight
  • Sweet Death & Ecstasy 
  • Black n’ Roll
  • Ohio, USA
  • December 15th, 2017
  • 8.7/10


Alright, I didn’t just get this one for the vibrant and ridiculous cover art (done by William Lacey), it’s a fucking sick album from a bunch of probably real dick heads and isn’t the way of some pretty good tunes and genres? It’s on the line of blackened speed and hard rock, it’s an entertaining mentality that I’m more used to hearing out of Australia. They also take on an interesting live appearance, reminding of The Locust:


I know this album is not for everyone on a presentation and band level, it contains some obviously unpalatable themes. I’ll just state it now for the future of this project: Whatever you are doing or representing, if you use art mediums, writing and theatre to present that idea in a way that I can positively appraise then I will publish it. If it was a blank tape with offensive shit written on it and no coherent sound or purpose, then I wouldn’t bother with it. The genres that are big in the cassette world are often controversial, this is because cassette culture itself is in a way currently subversive so it attracts subversive bands (Grindcore, black metal, sludge). I’m also saying this because I can’t honestly tell you what half the bands represent and what are characters or not. I don’t represent music, I present music.

It’s a fun raunchy sound. It’s a bit short and repetitive but it grooves really well and has presence the entire time. They often sound like pirates which gives a bit more sense to the patterns of the lyrics and the often crude lyrics. Some might perceive it as being misogynistic – Go ahead, I won’t stop you or even disagree. What I can tell you about the lyrics though is that sexuality is used as a part of the material because the body and the values we place on sex work really well into the body horror stories of hell and satan told throughout. The time is Midnight and the place is Hell, it’s not where I’d go looking for a safe space. It’s pretty fucking simple but they get a lot of mileage out of it with surprisingly well done storytelling. What I’m saying is they use more words and techniques per song than most bands that sound like this.

It’s a fine tape that matches everything, nothing too extreme on the shell but it has a pretty extensive inlet, here’s a peek:


If you’re a fan of blackened music and the cool art, or just a fan of Venom, then I highly recommended seeking this one out. It’s sold out on bandcamp and I have no idea of the actual limit/availability.

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