Esoteric Tape: My Minds Mine/Sick Of Stupidity (Grindcore)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • My Minds Mine & Sick Of Stupidity
  • Split 
  • Grindcore
  • Netherlands
  • 2018


Album artwork by Maciej Kamuda

Splits can be done for many reasons but the ones I’m thinking of first and foremost are that they make for a great promo package for labels and is a great way for bands to put out music that just isn’t very long. It can also be a good way for multiple bands from one scene location to reach globally. Might as well put in with another band or two rather than add filler to create the new EP or LP. Perhaps they want to experiment with another genre or something like that too. The split is a utilitarian format for these reasons and many more. It’s collaborative and if all goes well, it’s a lot of fun. I’m always more likely to stick around for a B side if it’s just another bands A game.

Here’s a recent cassette I received from the grindcore record label Every Day Hate that splits two grindcore bands from the Netherlands, My Minds Mine and Sick Of Stupidity. It has an unusual casing, a sort of cardboard origami that opens up with a surprising amount of detail. Photos of both bands and typical inlay information. It’s quite interesting and definitely put my attention onto the label which honestly looks pretty sick.

Both of these bands are hectic, they sound like 8 guys yelling at 9 guys playing guitar. Is it a man or a room full of rogue drum machines? This is some powerviolence and punky grindcore. In appropriate fashion, both sides are very short so here’s a quick look at them.

Side A: My Minds Mine
Intense vocals that alter between insanely guttural growls and higher pitched mathcore screaming. They find a really good groove and try to stick with it for the track, a lot of descending progressions and darker riffs. Favorite track: Sore Ripping Apocalypse

Side B: Sick Of Stupidity
Beyond the pig squeal opening there is a lot of hardcore punk elements fused into this guttural grindcore. It can get real bouncy when you’re least expecting it. I can really feel the grind in the guitars, a lot of treble which lends itself to tape.
Favorite track: Welcome on Earth

It’s also available on vinyl and CD. If you enjoy grindcore then you can’t go wrong here. Both bands are doing good things in my opinion and the album art is good.

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