Tape Review: Corpseflesh – Rearranged With A Twelve Gauge 9 (Grindcore)

Written by Carcassbomb


Rearranged With A Twelve Gauge was released this year with complete disregard and the current scenes: it’s old school death in an awesome and ignorant way. I enjoy brutal death metal a lot and this has a galloping pace and vocals somewhere between old Cannibal Corpse and Dethklok. Both great places to start any record. 

It uses far less modern influences than most current bands who include more blatant grind or deathcore elements – this is aided by the mixing which stays in the middle with more treble than bass, perfect for cassette. Also metal is the only place where calling something ignorant can be a good thing. haha.

The core of the album is rhyming lyrics about gore and violence. A lot of very literal stuff that’s amusing in its simplicity and yet still effective due to their vocal execution. Reading the lyrics on the inlay was an interesting experience and there’s clearly a lot of thought put into them, proving there is an art and perhaps even a finesse to gore. Musically, it’s a variation of grinding and stomping, a lot of mid-level shredding backed by a persistent rhythm section. It’s a good time. It’s not original or groundbreaking but it’s exactly what death metal fans want – heavy and entertaining. If I can get that and it’s from Australia then I’m a happy chappy. Get your supply locally if you can.

Hopefully this new LP is a sign of future activity from the band as I would like to see them live at some point. Their previous albums have some pretty intense cover art that could easily become iconic across the brutal death and grindcore social media. Particularly this memorable piece from their 2012 self-titled:


If you take the time to study this image and not just immediately scroll past and hoping to forget it, it’s actually pretty interesting. On the bottom right we’ve got a strange character who appears powerful, what is his deal? Did he do “this”? And is “this” two dicks or a butt and legs? or both? Boy has their logo come a long way though. Finally I’ll leave the cover for Tattooed  by A Blowtorch:


A piece by Dominator Doloris a Russian musician and cover artist. A lot of Australian bands work with Russian labels and artists, I wonder why that is?

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