DEATHWHITE premiere new song “Plague of Virtue” and Info On New Album

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Gotta love a band shrouded in mystery. We don’t know who exactly Deathwhite are but the music more than speaks for itself and they have been on my radar for a while due to the combination of their alluring gloomy artwork and the promise of gothic styled doom. I love all doom but certainly not equally, the melancholic guitar driven sadboi times doom is something close to my heart. I’m glad to hear so far that promise is being delivered on in a big way with this new single “Plague Of Virtue” off of their upcoming album Grave Image releasing via Seasons Of Mist January 31st, 2020.

The sound is clearly Katatonia metal as the band themselves even state below. It even has involvement from the legendary Dan Swano. Whether the rest of the album will bring more of its own unique quirks remains to be seen but fans of this style will at the very least have a very nice offering for dark room mood listening. In terms of guitars and vocals I am pretty darn excited myself. This is a strongly themed album though the theme is vague and open to interpretation. Perhaps the mysterious aspect of the lineup is a way of delivering this message, hopefully the full album will make this message more clear as to the specific “virtuous” elements referred to.

The band comments: “We have long revered Katatonia’s Discouraged Ones album. It is of immense influence and one of the reasons for DEATHWHITE’s formation. And while we are massively fond of the album, we have resisted completely appropriating it for our own measures. “Plague of Virtue,” though, is one of the few times we have touched upon that particular sound, notably with the song’s opening riff. It is our not-so-subtle nod to a band we so dearly admire. Thematically, the song explores the depths in which the self-appointed ‘virtuous’ will go to in order to exploit and deceive. This is especially relevant in a day and age where the most amoral of individuals find legion among those where hypocrisy and self-righteousness is the modus operandi.”

This artwork suits the musical moodiness well and hints more towards the themes of Grave Images. Check out the artist because they specialise in my main cover art obsession of architecture. I don’t know why I have that kink but I’m always happy to have more of it.

Selection Press Kit Info From Season Of Mist:

Track List:
1. Funeral Ground (05:05)
2. In Eclipse (04:46)
3. Further from Salvation (04:56)
4. Grave Image (04:50)
5. Among Us (04:11)
6. Words of Dead Men (03:56)
7. No Horizon (05:29)
8. Plague of Virtue (04:14)
9. A Servant (04:43)
10. Return to Silence (06:38)
Total Length: 48:48

Line-up: The band does not provide line-up information

Recording Studio:
Cerebral Audio Productions (instruments)
Mana Recording (vocals)
Producer / sound engineer:
Shane Mayer (instruments);
Art Paiz (vocals) 
Mixing studio and engineer:
Cerebral Audio Productions, Shane Mayer
Mastering studio and engineer:
Unisound, Dan Swanö


Available Formats: CD, Black and coloured vinyl

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