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The Z-List Vol 1: Gabe Is A Unit, Winterleaf, no sky can blind us & MoonBurial

Hello to all the wonderful, underground theydies and djentlethems! Today I’m bringing you the first installment of The Z-List, a column dedicated to bringing some much deserved attention to the underground of underground music and celebrating the people that make up our small community. We’re after the smallest, most obscure bands and projects that lack institutional support. No label? That’s Z-List. One person band? Z-List. Mainstream music journalists say liking this band is elitist?? Oh baby, that’s the most Z-List of all! Our first entry in the Z-List column features some one and two person projects of diverse genres as well as the swan song of an Ohio band. Let’s dive in! […]

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Microdose: New Splits Volume 1

Splitmania! It’s time to review some new splits coming out and recently released that have caught my eye and to showcase the bands on either side. A lot of experimental music, which is the best use of a split if you ask me. Delve in and explore the bands that make each side special. […]

Carcassbomb's Reviews

Microdose: Svn Seeker, Crypticus, Dreamwell, Settle For Shadows, Scythian Fate & AntiMozdeBeast

What are Twitter mutual’s in this context? A lot of bands follow me, but a lot of cool people who are in bands also follow me and these people are either very supportive or talkative, but I’m so daft I barely realise they’re in a band a lot of the time. So every now and then I’ll be taking the time and initiative to double check if my friends are in bands then have a listen! Turns out they’re fucking brilliant. […]


Microdose: Psychotic Waltz, Vandan Plas, Vulkan & Haken

It took more than two decades (24 years to be precise) for these American proggers to get back and release their fifth studio album! Many things have changed since then and so has the whole prog scene but what Psychotic Waltz offers is relatable to modern prog listeners as well as the older fans of the band. The God-Shaped Void is an album that only bands of high caliber and great mastery can create. The music so resembles the common sound of past years in the genre with a more modern approach and quality, but that is what I like much more to this “modern prog” sound which has garnered many fans. The guitar solos, and hefty riffs as well, team up with Devon Graves’ vocals to make the band’s ultimate mix. It’s very interesting that the longest track Sisters of the Dawn is in fact my highlight. It is an epic narrative with all aspects of music in their finest place. It will probably be my choice of prog this year. […]


Microdose: Smith & Myers, Lunatic Soul & Bush

Verdict: Shinedown duo returns with the second leg of their paired album and again with an assortment of covers of some of the most iconic songs of the history of rock and roll (Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, REM’s Losing My Religion, Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer and Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger), some new hits (Bad Guy by Billie Eilish) as well as several originals which mix so well together like peanut butter and jelly. […]