Microdose: Svn Seeker, Crypticus, Dreamwell, Settle For Shadows, Scythian Fate & AntiMozdeBeast

Written by Carcassbomb (@noobheavymetal)

Twitter Mutual’s Make Good Music Vol 1

What are Twitter mutual’s in this context? A lot of bands follow me, but a lot of cool people who are in bands also follow me and these people are either very supportive or talkative, but I’m so daft I barely realise they’re in a band a lot of the time. So every now and then I’ll be taking the time and initiative to double check if my friends are in bands then have a listen! Turns out they’re fucking brilliant. This is Vol 1, there’s plenty of people I know are working on stuff and I’m waiting eagerly for their release to include them in future volumes. Also I can only include so many in one volume before it loses efficiency, so don’t worry if you weren’t included this time!

PS: I’m sorry if I offend anyone, I’m an idiot and I love you.

Band: Svn Seeker
Album: Means To An End
Melodic Death Metal
Connecticut, USA
Releases February 4


Brand new melodeath with killer artwork and guitars from @Tchyort1077 who I’ve known for some time now and even occasionally contributes to Noob Heavy! This debut EP is a quick and easy pummelling with plenty of show-off melodies that sound very inspired by the good melodic black and death from the early 00s. A lot of effort has gone into making this as solid as possible with legitimate mastering and production as well as sourcing the artwork from underground visual artist legend Caelan Stokkermans who always catches my eye. Drumming is huge on this one, loving some of the controlled blasts and quad beats, really punches everything up. You can go listen to the track “Seeking My Own Sun” right here right now, such a good song, you cannot convince me otherwise.

Band: Crypticus
Album: The Recluse
Death Metal/Grind
Colorado, USA
Released December 4, 2020


The death metal mastering machine and human being @crypticus has such a long roll of album mastering credits they sometimes forgets they mastered an album or demo. But let’s look at the death metal project Crypticus, it’s an absolute shit and piss pit – which for death metal is exactly what you want. Their most recent release is The Recluse. The audio experience presents clearly with an overall sound and production full of intent, not over or under, just on the dime for what is being created. You can tell when something is made by someone who has been on the scene for some time, there’s a lot of older death metal influences in the sound and a choppy bit of grind too. Overall it shows a great sense of how the genre works inside and out. The opening track should convince you right away, love the little keys melody towards the end – I was not expecting that and it worked brilliantly. There’s also a YouTube show by Crypticus called Megatrends In Brutality you can watch here.

Band: Dreamwell
Single: Painting Myself A Darker Day
Skramz/Post Hardcore
Rhode Island, USA
Released May 8, 2020


I fucking love skramz, I adore it. I’ll eat up emoviolence, melodic hardcore and screamo any day of the week. Dreamwell is posturing to release a new album in the near future that I will cover in detail so I’ll just talk about the currently available single now, showcasing a new vocalist/lyricists. Dreamwell are so damn good and the members each share a clearly expressed knowledge of the genre. @chupqueen in particular I’ve been following around the place for a couple of years since discovering A Constant Knowledge Of Death, one of her many projects – brilliant guitarist, vocalist and sound mixer. As soon as I heard one of her projects had a new album coming I knew I had to listen to it as soon as I could. An absolute beacon of talent in the post hardcore community who is in so many projects that you’ll inevitably see them mentioned here again in the future. The single “Painting Myself a Darker Day” is a taste of what’s to come with the personal emo lyrics projected by passionate vocals, progressive guitar licks and a crashing rhythm section – Forget about swancore, this the modern post-hardcore band to watch.

Band: Settle For Shadows
Album: A Conversation With Pan
Blackened Crust/Sludge
Fookin’ Scotland
Released July 8, 2020


This is definitely one of those scenarios where I feel stupid for not having checked out a friends project as @thehumanstrong basically speak daily and I somehow missed that Bandcamp link in the profile. In 2020 he released three self produced demos and EPs, T H E S W E L L I N G, Weight Of the World and A Conversation With Pan, which could generally be described as variations on blackened crust and chaotic doom, chaos being the primary factor here. @thehumanstrong is always up for a joke, we recently both re-ignited our love for Alien Ant Farm and even provided some music making advice to me, so it’s been great knowing him. I’m looking forward to a bigger release because I know it’ll do well, there’s a very concentrated noisy sound here with a lot of grit and aggression. His screen name is The Champ, an attempt at self-deprecating irony, but too often he actually lives up to that screen name.

Band: Scythian Fate
Album: Matrimony In Madness
Dark Progressive Thrash Metal
Sydney/Melbourne, Australia
Released April 5, 2020


An Aussie band that describes themselves as Dark Progressive Trash, and I can only agree. They have a unique blending of thrashing riffs and ominous melodies that they slide between deftly. It’s a very swampy Australian mix that grows on you the more you listen. I’m always seeing the Bassist @ThrashedTo supporting fellow Australian bands and underground metal in general. We occasionally share the odd cheeky point & laugh at the LNP and anti-masker crowd of Australia, good fun. I hope Scythian Fate has more in the works because their 2019 release Matrimony In Madness is fantastic, very entertaining with a handful of surprises. I’d love to see what they can do with even more experience, to further their unique genre tag.

Band: AntiMozdeBeast
Album: The Edge, The Outskirts, And
The Mountain
Heavy Industrial/Electronic
Florida, USA
Released December 23, 2020


One of my favourite weirdos on the platform, every now and then you find someone who enjoys a fucked up aesthetic you can vibe with. They recently put out The Edge, The Outskirts, And The Mountain in December. This music is perfect for noisy mother fuckers taking psychedelics and going ham. We both share a fondness for words and the perversion of language and metaphor, exploring life’s “I’ve seen some shit” moments. I enjoy following their unconventional self promotion style, such as posting videos of himself just waiting for his own album to release or combating unjust DMCA takedowns. A lot of expression in the lyrics which is not often a focus in electronic based industrial music, but the vocals here are a constant aggressive presence that keep up nicely. It’s really bloody good and I absolutely will be jamming this on my next acid-addled skating sesh. I always appreciate a project that refuses to divorce it’s personality from it’s art on social media, it’s more earnest and intriguing.

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