Album Review: The Myopia Condition – “Event Horizon” 7.8/10 (Tech Death)

Written by Zax

The Myopia ConditionEvent Horizon
Technical Death Metal/Metalcore from
Released October 16th, 2020

The worlds of technical death metal and metalcore rarely, if ever meet, but I think I’ve just stumbled upon the purest combination of the two that money can buy, and it’s actually really badass!


Meet The Myopia Condition, they’re a Canadian act, and this is their first album, Event Horizon. It’s pretty short, as it clocks in at under 30 minutes, but it packs a punch all the same. You can hear a lot of Meshuggah, Veil Of Maya, and modern tech death like Inferi in their sound, but they have a flare that’s all their own.

The instrumentals just burst with activity and excitement, the juxtaposition of the brutal chugging metalcore riffs with the technical lead work and song structures work splendidly. I do love the chaotic technicality, but man there’s nothing like a brutal kickass breakdown, of which this album has a few, most notably on the track “Empty Room.” Everything is performed very tightly, but one of the best features of the record is that, as this is their first album, there are still some rough patches production wise, just enough to where you can tell this is a new project, and something about the authenticity of that really resonates with me.

The vocals also dwell more in the metalcore realm with these nasty ass gutturals and growls that really add to the brutality of the project overall.

Overall this is a very fun little project from a young band that kicks absolute ass. I do believe there’s something for just about everyone to enjoy here, so give it a shot!


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