Album Review: Scatter Shot – “As Above So Below” 7.9/10 (Hardcore)

Written by Zax

  • Scatter ShotAs Above So Below
  • Beatdown Hardcore/Metalcore from Florida, USA
  • Released on February 26th, 2021
  • Modern Empire Music
  • 7.9/10

In case you weren’t aware, I am the website’s resident Florida man. We have a giant beatdown hardcore/metalcore scene here that I believe may be the cream of the crop for the new wave of the genre. We have bands like Traitors and Bodysnatcher carrying the torch with a plethora of promising up and coming bands in the scene, like Broadmoor, Dealey Plaza, and Scatter Shot.

Scatter Shot hopped on the scene in very early 2019 with their debut album Self Righteous // Self Infliction, it was an album that I enjoyed and continue to enjoy, but it was clear to that me they had some maturing to do. Fast forward to 2020, after abandoning the burning heap of garbage that is Stay Sick Recordings, they dropped the single “Sentenced To Burn” (a remastered version of which is featured on this EP) which showed a ton of promise! I enjoyed the song a lot, it really stuck with me, leaving me pumped for what they might do next, which brings us to the new EP, As Above So Below!

Full disclosure, this EP was exactly what I wanted to hear from these guys. It’s their sound, refined. It’s still crushingly heavy beatdown hardcore, but the music is so much more dynamic and engaging. The riffs are pounding, the kick drum and snare will rock your walls, and the bass lines are deep and mean sounding. The breakdowns hit harder than ever, too.

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Big lumbering gutturals permeate the release as they have before, adding even more brutality to this evil melting pot. The lyrics have also significantly improved, I found the focus on mental health pretty fascinating for a band of this sort! The feature from Boundaries vocalist Matthew really goes in too. The production on this thing is also top tier, so top tier in fact that I searched up who worked on it, turns out it was none other than Chris Whited (Bodysnatcher, ex-King Conquer) and Neil Westfall (A Day To Remember)! This thing radiates so much Florida energy, it’s insane!

Nothing but love for these guys, Florida hardcore is alive and well and we have bands like this to thank. Can’t wait for shows to be safe again so we can tear some shit up!

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