Album Review: Primitive Man – Immersion 8 (Sludge Metal)

Written by Zax

  • Primitive Man
  • Immersion
  • Sludge/Death Metal
  • August 14th, 2020
  • Relapse Records
  • 8/10

The main objective of Denver 3-piece sludge metal band Primitive Man seems to be to obliterate the eardrums of anyone who listens. I’ve been aware of these guys for long time and I’ve liked a good number of their tracks, but this was my first full length sit down with them, and it was a truly suffocating experience. There were a few parts of this album that were genuinely so heavy and raw that I had to turn it down a couple notches just for the sake of my ears. This is their 3rd official full length, and it’s farthest thing from accessible, folks.

These guys seem to be known for 2 things: the ungodly amount of splits they’ve taken part in (7 since forming in 2012), and their unrelenting heaviness. They call themselves a “death sludge” band and I reckon that’s pretty accurate. They mix sludge metal, doom metal, death metal, and harsh noise for the meanest sound in all of metal.

The album has 6 tracks at 36 minutes long, and I think that’s important to mention, because albums of this sort tend to get pretty tedious if they run too long, I think they’ve definitely hit that sweet spot here as far as length goes. This stuff is slow, brooding, and utterly bleak. It’s devoid of life and light, which is pretty well represented in the cover art. The riffs sound like avalanches crushing down upon you, and that thunderous kick drum is what’s setting them off. This album is so staggeringly loud that it will feel as if you’re being swallowed whole.

The vocals are absolutely disgusting too. ELM bellows out these sick, twisted, and ultra distorted screams and gutturals that will give you goosebumps. The intensity every single member of this band brings to the table on this record cannot be overstated.

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What really makes this album as heavy as it is – aside from the riffs of course – are the noise elements. The high pitched squealing and grinding racket is what I imagine a full speed collision between two semi-trucks would sound like. Listening to the noise interlude on this record feels like your brain is being ground up in a blender, it’s absolute insanity.

If you’re looking for the darkest and heaviest shit you can get your hands on in 2020, look no further than this. This record will leave you feeling like you just got your shit knocked, believe me.


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