Album Review: Maudiir – “La Part Du Diable” 7.8/10 (Black/Thrash)

Maudiir - La Part Du Diable

Written by Zax

Maudiir La Part Du Diable
Blackened Thrash Metal from Québec, Canada
Released Febuary 19th, 2021
Self Released (Name Your Own Price)

There are certain bands and albums that I hear, like this one, that remind me why I do this, remind me why I spend countless hours listening to and writing about music, even if some of what I hear is bad or disposable. I do it, in part, to discover hidden gems, like Maudiir, or Descensum from last week. I love finding new bands with little to no label support, cause it feels like I’ve just been let in on an awesome secret and given the responsibility to tell anyone who’ll listen.

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Given all that, enter Canada’s Maudiir and their new EP, La Part Du Diable. Blackened thrash metal is a genre I generally enjoy, but one that rarely wows me like parts of this EP did. They have a fairly unique take on the genre that can be closest compared to their Canadian peers in Dizastra, but even then they have a different take to anything I’ve heard.

You see, rather than combining over the top speed metal with black metal vocals and production, Maudiir has embraced the 80s with their song structures, bringing to mind the godfathers of black metal. The guitars hammer out hard-hitting ironclad riffs with a dark aura surrounding them, along with some icy lead work. We also get lots of heavy hitting thrash-esque percussion and absolutely phenomenal bass lines. The bass lines are thick and smooth, they almost have a prog edge to them, which I’m all for.

The vocals on here are pretty nice. Raw thrash screams with that evil black metal twinge to them. It’s also worth noting that the production is pretty clear on here, sounds like some traditional heavy metal production to me. I think the vocals and instrumentals could use some more refined blending, but aside from that it works well.

Please don’t let this one fall by the wayside folks. This is a very promising young band we got here and this is one damn good slice of metal!


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