Album Review: Inferi – “Of Sunless Realms” 8.8/10 (Tech Death)

Written by Zax

InferiOf Sunless Realms
Technical Death Metal from Tennessee, USA
Released October 9th, 2020
Via The Artisan Era

Inferi have absolutely dominated the technical death metal scene over the last decade. Records like 2018’s Revenant will live on to be classics of the subgenre, and possibly even of death metal as a whole. They’ve decided to make their return with a brand new EP out on The Artisan Era!

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At this point they’ve staked their career on making big and epic sounding records, and this EP right here is no different. Long time partner and artist Helge C. Balzer really does a wonderful job of capturing just how epic the music on the EP is. Everything sounds top notch, from the larger than life melodies, to the ultra technical blast of the instrumentals!

The bombastic symphonics really set the tone for the EP. They’re grandiose and work well with the blast of instrumentation. The guitars are doing a whole lot here. The soloing and lead work are absolutely face melting, but then the more melodic riffs really steal the show and provide some of the most memorable parts of the project. Of course they aren’t stingy with the rhythm either, there are some knocking ass riffs on here, especially on “Eldritch Evolution.”

The fretless bass serves as a nice rhythmic foundation for the music that really shines in places. The drums are produced wonderfully, the kick drum in particular has some pretty big moments.

Vocalist Steve Boiser is a very powerful performer with a lot of range, though he does spend most of his time in that higher register that characterized Revenant. His high screams are nothing short of blood curdling. His gutturals are very solid as well.

This is an eargasm if I’ve ever heard one. I really can’t point out a single flaw, and they’re hitting so many different sweet spots here. Everyone is firing on all cylinders, you’re messing up big time if you sleep on this one.


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