Album Review: Ferus Din – The Great Dying 9 (Black Metal)

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  • Ferus Din
  • The Great Dying
  • Black Metal
  • New York, USA
  • June 16, 2018
  • 9/10

Ferus Din embody the destructive force of nature among other things in their debut album The Great Dying. This album hits like a fist in the face from the very first second and leaves one with a feeling of prolonged eagerness, typically as the music unfolds. The band’s name comes from a combination of Latin and Germanic translations and refers to “Wild Noise”. Completely unawares of the genre clashes in this release, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the band’s musical talent, particularly composition arrangement and the combining of different instruments and sounds. 

On the surface, Ferus Din appear to conform to recognisable black metal traits as shown in the album art, public appearance and band’s ethos. When you dig deeper however, The Great Dying demonstrates a wide selection of characteristics picked from various sub-genres of metal. Apart from their sound, Ferus Din are different from other exemplars of the genre though their determination to reinforce themes and ideas in the music, an effective ploy which maintains the bands reputation and solidifies their identity. This distinguishable factor is crucial as it allows listeners to enjoy the music, while not being deterred by the possibility of trying to understand the bands thematic direction. 

Vocally, The Great Dying is complete with high-pitched shrieks and is occasionally visited by deep guttural yells. With the addition of harmonies, these two elements add a layer of depth to the music. Worth mentioning is the singing which is covered by Allana Sturm. Her natural range is laced with a crackle that when used in conjunction with the lyrics, establishes a profound sense of endless chaos and unrest. The band deploys catchy melody and creates ambiance by isolating certain instruments, not to mention drawn-out vocals which take place prior to the introduction of instrumentation in certain tracks. 

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‘Armus, Exile’ is a monumental track which sees a slowed tempo and embraces the groups doom quality. Guttural mutterings are interspersed with eerie chord progression, discordant with the drums. Tempo changes midway to something quicker and Allana’s vocals build in intensity, while other band members unleash their terrifying vocal demonstrations. The inclusion of flute is delightful and steers the group away from repetitive sounds which can be tiresome and far from entertaining if used excessively. Consecutively, the flute is a spritely instrument which reflects the band’s folk background. 

In so few words, The Great Dying is like a rigorous countercharge to how others may view nature, particularly when it can turn sour and unfavourable for humankind, as can be seen in the form of natural disasters. Ferus Din deliver uncompromising black metal and highlight that many styles or methods are yet to be discovered in the genre. Be sure to give this album a listen, it is hard to remove yourself from the experience once it has already begun. A grand production which will meet beyond expectations. 


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