Album Review: Aversions Crown – “Hell Will Come For Us All” 7.5/10 (Tech Deathcore)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Aversions Crown
  • Hell Will Come For Us All
  • Tech death/Deathcore
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Nuclear Blast
  • June 12th, 2020
  • 7.5/10\

Aversions Crown – Hell Will Come for Us all
Technical Deathcore from Brisbane, Australia
Released June 12th, 2020
Via Nuclear Blast

Aversions Crown is one of the bigger modern bands of Australia, among titans like Psycroptic and Disentomb. Much the same as those bands, it’s usually a good few year wait between albums so Hell Will Come For Us All is a much welcomed release to fans of sci-fi death. At the very least, there are many improvements over their 2017 album Xenocide. Gotta love the Burke work though.


The biggest improvement here is the drumming, to me it felt a bit mechanical on Xenocide but on this album there’s more of a chunkiness to it. They also use drums as emphasis a lot in the song writing, often scaling back everything else to let the kit thump a few times before heading into the next segment. We also get some sick triplets in here and there too for parts that typically get left to palm muting guitars. I like the thickness of the kicks. I don’t know anything about drumming, it sounds good to me. The vocals have always been pretty good and that remains, it’s the kind of death vocal that has a lot of theatrics which isn’t easy to pull off.

The production could have been better on the pummeling parts and carry more of a presence. The heaviness isn’t always felt, like yeah technically it’s always heavy but it doesn’t always resonate or quite make your face pucker like a butthole. I’ve felt this way about a lot of Nuclear Blast releases though, just a tad over produced. Where they do shine is the sci-fi elements of the sound and the way the vocals often fade in and out of the mix. The atmospherics and breakdowns are fantastic, I think this style of production just works better on heavy parts that are preceded by quieter parts.

Artwork by Adam Burke

It’s a rare kind of album that gets better as the tracks go on, perhaps due to the strong storytelling element that begins with an earthly perspective and shifts towards a cosmic one around halfway through which brings with it more atmosphere and vocal expression. The story is a very misanthropic one about an alien deeming humanity undeserving of life due to the never ending self destruction and pettiness. So this alien commits xenocide and sends us to a death on prison planet where we line the walls. It’s a trip that is well presented with the album cover by Adam Burke. Reading the lyrics it appears each track is sequential with the final track being this alien alone in existence killing itself to prevent himself from rebuilding humanity, of which he has the power. So it’s really the ultimate fuck you to us.


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