Album Review: Autumn Nostalgie – “Ataraxia” (Black Metal)

Written by Zax

I haven’t reviewed any black metal for Noob Heavy since June. That’s kind of lame huh? I’ve noticed that 2021 has had a lot less in the way of stellar black metal, or maybe I’ve just been listening to less of it, either way, this record is a breath of fresh air.

Autumn Nostalgie is a melodic black metal band based out of Slovakia, and this is their sophomore effort. They actually go for a very melancholic mixture of black metal and ambient that makes for the perfect soundtrack to a cold winter morning.

It’s not a particularly brutal or fast record, instead they opt for a more doom-ladden approach which really drives home those melodies and riffs. They build up some fantastic atmosphere that way, it’s a very frigid, mysterious experience. The screams are also packed with emotion, making for an intense, impactful performance.

Artwork by Gibbo Art

As I mentioned, there’s also a good bit of ambient thrown on here. It’s actually very soothing and meditative in tone, which breaks up the soaring full band moments very nicely. As a big fan of both extreme metal and ambient, it’s always a treat for me when the two collide in a concrete way.

This album is going for a very specific vibe, and i think that vibe will appeal to many of our readers. It’s an enjoyable, yet somber listen overall.

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