Album Review: Aseitas – “False Peace” 8.1/10 (Prog Death)

Written by Zax

AseitasFalse Peace
Progressive Death Metal from USA
Released July 10th, 2020
Via Translation Loss Records

After a couple of listens, I still couldn’t tell you everything that’s going on on this record. At an hour and eleven minutes long, this is the sort of beast that seems almost untouchable, but I’ll take a crack at it! Aseitas are a progressive death metal band based out of the United States, and this is their 2nd full-length record. I mean progressive with a capital P too, this album is unlike anything I’ve ever heard purely based on how many different things they’ve put to use here.


I’m sort of surprised the people freaking out about the new Ulcerate and Imperial Triumphant aren’t also losing their shit over this album, it’s certainly got enough dissonance and avant-garde weirdness to match those. I’ve seen little to nobody talking about it and that’s a damn shame. The writing on this record is just extraordinary, the song structures are incredibly complex, and it’s all coming at you at ridiculously high speed and intensity. Listening to this album is like being sucked into an F5 tornado of metallic chaos.

It’s simultaneously brutal, technical, and melodic. The riffs are mountainous and cascading, but at times veer off into throttling core-esque chugs that are equally brutal, take the track “Horse Of Turin” for example. Of the core influences on their sound, the mathcore influence is not only the most prominent, but it’s also the best showing if it. They often go into death doom territory as well with tracks like “Behemoth’s Dance” breaking the 16 minute mark. This album truly does have a little bit of everything.

There’s a lot of melody on this record as well, the longer songs especially take on a lot of melodic passages that add a good bit to the album, they’re very easy on the ears and do a lot to build the atmosphere. There’s even a couple of beautiful piano passages, nice touch!

The vocals match the chaos and dissonance of the music very nicely as well.

This is overall an amazing progressive death metal record that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, it’s a fantastically played piece of music. Don’t let this one go slept on.


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