2019 Albums

Album Review: Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal 9.5 (Deathcore)

This album came out of nowhere and slapped me across the face. Prior to this being released, I had never even heard this band before. But over the past week or so since it came out, I’ve been listening to it nonstop and it has quickly skyrocketed to the top of my favorite albums from this year so far. I can’t see anything else topping it as the unexpected favorite of this year for me. […]


Australian Heavypedia: Crypt Crawler (Death Metal)

Crypt Crawler are newcomers to the scene having starting producing singles in 2018 but they’ve sure as shit started with some quality songs. They have a DIY approach to their music that gives it an authentic rawness but there’s also a level of proficiency that brings with it a clarity to the sound. Their 2019 debut LP To The Grave can easily contend with many international releases in 2019 despite not having the aid of a label. […]

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Album Review: Archspire – Relentless Mutation 9.5 (Tech Death)

I’ve been meaning to review this for about a year now, it’s an album that I have been blasting pretty consistently since discovering them last year. They are most known for their insanely fast vocals but I’ve more enjoyed them for their song composition which is often very playful and fancifull – not always feeling beholden to a sense of brutality. This flexibility shows their musicianship and their showmanship. Spiritually, it all reminds me of Dethklok (if anyone still remembers Metalocalypse). […]