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Crypt Crawler are newcomers to the scene having starting producing singles in 2018 but they’ve sure as shit started with some quality songs. They have a DIY approach to their music that gives it an authentic rawness but there’s also a level of proficiency that brings with it a clarity to the sound. Their 2019 debut LP To The Grave can easily contend with many international releases in 2019 despite not having the aid of a label.

Formed by guitarist Jordan who put out an ad on Facebook wanting to start a death metal band, vocalist Marco responded and it swiftly turned into Crypt Crawler a full death metal experience. While the band might be new, many of the members have been in other projects prior and concurrent to Crypt Crawler (see below). This experience definitely shows in the music. They have some great insights as to what it’s like starting a band right now and we learn about some Perth based bands that will hopefully show up in this project in the future.

Band pic

(NB) As an Aussie band what are some of the barriers between you and your goals as a band?

I think the costs associated with touring, especially with the cost of living going up here but the wages and salaries remaining stagnant, is definitely a big one. Wanting to bring the music you’ve made to the rest of the world and having it heard can also be a bit of a struggle, but I guess that also comes down to marketing and how you use the internet for exposure.

– Marco (Vocals)

For us it’s probably the expense of touring, even just going over east isn’t cheap. Getting your music out to other countries can also be a challenge. I am lucky that a lot of my family is in Italy so I’ve sent some CDs and cassettes over to try and spread the name.

– Jordan (Guitar)

The cover for To The Grave was made by Mark Riddick at RiddickArt. It’s a good image for the album – clean, detailed linework that perfectly represents the theme. It’s grave and it’s metal. 

(NH) I feel like Australia is experiencing a cultural cringe where the viability of creative careers and alternative projects are being limited as well as our access to overseas content and merch. A lot of bands don’t tour here. Whether political or social, do you have any opinions on that?

Yeah it definitely sucks seeing all the amazing tour packages or festivals that play all over the world but don’t come here. We are still luckier than a lot of other countries though, so that’s definitely a plus. And when a great band does come here, Perth does miss out on those shows every now and then too, which is also really disheartening, especially when the cost of flying to see those bands over east can be hard to justify at times. That’s also the same for just touring Australia for Australian bands, all the costs required to fund a full Australian tour can be really difficult, and can stop many great bands from going anywhere and progressing. Buying merch overseas is also a hefty expense, the prices of the shirts can be fairly cheap but the shipping blows out the cost so much. It can all be a bit of a vicious cycle, same for many creative careers.

– Marco

(NH) How’s the scene in Perth? What are some of local bands we should be listening to?

Yeah we have some killer bands here in the Perth scene, some of my personal favourites are Depravity, Unravel, Illyria, Deadspace and Population Control. We also have members in other wicked Perth bands too, Lewis (drums) plays for Remission, Zach’s (guitar) in Suneater and Cam’s (bass) in Entropy. We also had Dan from Wardaemonic helping us out last year on drums which was awesome.
– Marco


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