Album Review: Humanity’s Last Breath – Välde 9.2 (Technical Deathcore)

Humanity’s Last Breath made a big impression over here with their heavy as balls sound in 2019’s Abyssal, now they’re back on the radar with some innovations to show off. This album uses a lot of sound design to create a more unique approach to blackened deathcore that utilizes every instrumental technique available and even additional symphonics. You can see on their Bandcamp that they’ve been very busy producing tunes but also producer packs during the time between Abyssal and Välde, clearly very talented audio engineering from guitarist and producer Buster Odeholm (Vildjharta, Born of Osiris, Oceano). […]

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Microdose: Svn Seeker, Crypticus, Dreamwell, Settle For Shadows, Scythian Fate & AntiMozdeBeast

What are Twitter mutual’s in this context? A lot of bands follow me, but a lot of cool people who are in bands also follow me and these people are either very supportive or talkative, but I’m so daft I barely realise they’re in a band a lot of the time. So every now and then I’ll be taking the time and initiative to double check if my friends are in bands then have a listen! Turns out they’re fucking brilliant. […]


Album Review: Dead Exaltation – Despondent 8.5/10 (Death Metal)

A death metal album with an unexpected amount of melody, it doesn’t even present as melodeath, it’s far closer to straight slapping brutal death metal that occasionally shifts the tempo down into a straight up clean guitar serenade as if I somehow accidentally listened outside the album or the musicians forgot the set list. It should be a harsh comparison to then start up the death machine again but it just works so well, perhaps due to the tight guitar tones. […]

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PR Release: Xeno Ooze – Slimewave (Death/Grind)

Xeno Ooze is a three-piece hive-minded grindcore outfit from the scorching Sonoran deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2018 by ex-members of Glitterbomb and Drogheda, Xeno Ooze weaves elements of death metal, crust, power violence and oozing science fiction into a sludgy conglomerate of mach-speed blasting, pummeling riffs, and gutturals from the maws of The Old Ones themselves. Slimewave continues the aesthetic of their 2019 debut “Parasligm Shift” by remaining consistent in their toxic choice of artwork and subverting the expectations of grind. […]

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PR Release: Thorn – The Encompassing Nothing (Death Doom)

Cavernous. Brooding. Bleak. Thorn is a one-man project from Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the foreboding and ominous. Weaving elements of death metal, doom, post and grind, the debut release “The Encompassing Nothing” is the ideal soundscape for worshipping pagan gods and making offerings to unknown entities. Created by the guitarist from Xeno Ooze and Glitterbomb. […]

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PR Release: Old Bones – Sleepwalker EP (Alt/Stoner)

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Old Bones is the culmination of 20+ year friendships, fights, musical cultivation, and exploration. Following years of stop-start momentum, the band finally found its footing after watching a Mastodon/Opeth show and realizing what they needed to do. After a ton of individual writing, they had enough to begin rehearsing with Griffin McCarthy (Letter of Marque) and ultimately put 5 of these ferocious songs to tape to release them to the masses in March 2020. […]


Track Premiere: Gut Feeling by Revered and Reviled Above All Others (SPLIT, 2021 – Sleeping Village Records)

When I saw there was a split featuring Cyttorak I thought to myself, with whom? Who could possibly be munted enough to join Cyttorak on a split? And that answer was Revered and Reviled Above All Others. Allow me to introduce the track ‘Gut Feeling’ by Revered and Reviled Above All Others. Many of you may recognise this as a DEVO song title, what you won’t recognise is that this is a cover – because as far as covers go this is completely fucked. I’ve included the original track here for context but lets start with the better track first. […]

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Album Review: Khan – Monsoons 8 (Stoner/Prog)

Here I am, fumbling through the digital ether of Spotify again. Another day at work, another familiar album, another podcast. Tap, skip, scroll, skip, scroll. Then my little eye spies a dreary sky, with, wait, what is that? A melting planet amongst the clouds? Yup, sign me up. Tap. I’m instantly rewarded with a rubbery, chubby bass line sliding around under a shuffling drum groove. You got me guys. In chimes the guitar. I’ve found a chill place to let my mind float off through the planetary clouds while the rest of me does whatever earthly chores I’m stuck with. […]

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Some Cool Artwork I’ve Seen So Far 2021

We don’t browse Bandcamp the same way. No idea what some of these sound like, found them during other tasks such as the Free Bandcamp Wiki. Pics link to the album on Bandcamp if possible, otherwise another official platform… never spotify. I didn’t do an artwork end of year list in 2020 like I did for 2019 which is a shame because people responded well to it, now I’ll be prepared. […]