Album Review: Backxwash – “I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES” 10/10 (Rap/Industrial)

A powerful album from a powerful person. To summarise it as briefly as possible: it’s an assault on the establishment through a very current lens. On this new album I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES, Backxwash annihilates us with each track, taking on subject matter ranging from transphobia and ACAB to colonialism and anarchy. Moving away from religion which was the primary focus of her previous work God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It, although religion is certainly a part of systemic oppression and still gets it’s mentions. You’ve likely heard about this one even all over the online metal scene, and that’s because this album goes HARD. […]


Album Review: Sxuperion – “Auscultating Astral Monuments” 5.5/10 (Black/Death)

Cosmic blackened death metal is always a tricky proposition. That specific kind of genre melding most often consists of an oppressive and at times aggressive sound filled with repeating patterns leading to complete thrall on the part of the listener. Sxuperion, a one-man entity (Matthew) from Mammoth Lakes, CA has been channeling this feeling for the greater part of two decades now albeit sporadically. […]


Album Review: Non Serviam – “Le Cœur Bat” 8.2/10 (RABM)

How should we start the album? Let’s play for 25 minutes. What do we call it? Le Coeur Bat (Roughly “The Heart Beats” in english), hell yeah. They can suitably do most lengths and change the base of the album at will due to the fluid nature of the compositions, resembling the construction of electronic music while utilizing black metal and punk styles to drive it. Non Serviam are a RABM (Red & Anarchist Black Metal) band so it’s good to be able to listen to black metal without wondering if they’re nazis, Non Serviam are anti-fascist as far as I can tell without understanding a whole lot of french. […]

Musician Spotlight

Musician Spotlight: Calin from Putrescine

Now that the shitshow of 2020 is behind us and there are rumblings of shows happening yet again, Putrescine has a chance to play shows again.  We’re all working on perfecting some of the newer songs, which if you’ve followed us you know are a little more complex than the first EP, and I’m busy recording bass and strings for some new songs that we will unleash later in 2021.     […]