Album Review: Cannibal Corpse – “Violence Unimagined” 9/10 (Death Metal)

I am a weird kind of Cannibal Corpse fan, in that most fans will know more about the band as a whole than I do, but I’ve also spent half my life listening to Cannibal Corpse. However, I primarily listen to Bloodthirst and have for a long time. It’s exactly what I want from the band, perfectly summed up in one album and so it hits the spot every time, why move on? Violence Unimagined is one good reason to move on and marks the beginning of an exciting decade for the band. […]


Album Review: NaKhArA – “The Procession” 9/10 (Prog Death)

Sometimes a music publication can overlook a release from a smaller artist that kicks just as much ass as those from bigger acts. Lord knows I’ve read about it countless times in columns on underground music. As the fine folks at Heavy Blog is Heavy point out, we’re living through a golden age of underground music and there is an absolute flood of new releases at all times. I’m still new to writing music reviews for Noob Heavy (six weeks strong!) but I already find the number of communications soliciting reviews for upcoming releases a bit overwhelming. And I only see the releases for 4-5 subgenres! So it’s perfectly understandable that some gems from smaller and/or newer acts get overlooked in the deluge of press kits and review requests. That being said I want to right one such oversight today with this review for The Procession by NaKhArA.  […]


Musicians Spotlight: Jason Higson from Yanomamo

Yanomamo formed in late 2011 via a shared love of huge, dirty riffs, feedback & B-grade horror movies to unleash the sounds in our collective heads. We have toured Australia extensively over the last 10 years playing shows with the likes of Conan (UK), Black Cobra (US), Jucifer (US), Kylesa (US), Monarch (Fra) & many others. […]


Album Review: Wesenwille – “II: A Material God” 8/10 (Black Metal)

Wesenwille is a Black Metal duo from the Netherlands; D. Schermann takes care of the drums and R. Schmidt handles the guitars, bass, and vocals. They specialize in a very modern style of Black Metal, not only in terms of their compositions but also in terms of their lyrical content. Whereas most Black Metal bands tend to focus on (anti) religious lyrical themes, this Dutch duo are anti-capitalist to their blackened core. Their lyrics offer scathing critiques of the industrialization of the modern world and place the listener solidly in the year 2021. Their 2018 debut was one of my favorite albums of that year and when I heard they were releasing another full-length, I was fully prepared to have my mind blown once again. Expectations almost met. […]

Guest Writers

Fuzzy Sun Selections: White Suns, USA/MEXICO, Black Pus, Nearly Dead & Endon

I have been a metalhead all my life, listening mostly to Death Metal, Thrash, and some black metal. The best times I had and where I have seen some of the best shows were at Wacken Open Air. The last decade of my life my taste has shifted to noiserock, hardcore punk and heavy psych but I still listen to Metal and will so for the rest of my life. Still listen regularly to Entombed, Mayhem and Obituary. Last year I absolutely loved Pyrrhon and Gulch. So I am really glad to do a small post here on NoobHeavy because the genres noiserock and metal are of course all very close (saw a post a while ago about Couch Slut which I am big fan of). I wanted to list a couple of albums here that are really really heavy and play mostly with heavy feedback, noise and like to experiment with their sound. […]


Album Review: Draken – “Draken” 8/10 (Prog Rock)

Prog as a genre has become meaningless these days. Half of all the metal/hard rock bands have prog somewhere in their genre and the other half write music that display characteristics of what has historically been called prog. Then you have bands that just call themselves prog. Yeah? Prog what? I’m a bit of a newbie to prog rock and I always thought it was basically Rush and Gentle Giant. It had clean production, was usually happy, and rocked in a more cerebral way. Then I heard Norway based prog rock power trio Draken and they’ve kinda changed what I thought prog rock could be. Dropping on March 26th, Draken’s self titled debut has a retro vibe that harkens back to metal and hard rock of yore but with a new, exciting reimagining. […]