Track Premiere: Gut Feeling by Revered and Reviled Above All Others (SPLIT, 2021 – Sleeping Village Records)

Premiere by Carcassbomb

When I saw there was a split featuring Cyttorak I thought to myself, with whom? Who could possibly be munted enough to join Cyttorak on a split? And that answer was Revered and Reviled Above All Others. Allow me to introduce the track ‘Gut Feeling’ by Revered and Reviled Above All Others. Many of you may recognise this as a DEVO song title, what you won’t recognise is that this is a cover – because as far as covers go this is completely fucked. I’ve included the original track here for context but lets start with the better track first.

It’s normal for covers to be half the length of the original right? All seems to go well with the opening bass line, ah yes, I can hear the resemblance… – HARSH NOISE WALL descending into a dirge groove that settles in nicely. A screaming writhing portal to heck… now lets listen to the original.

Original ‘Gut Feeling’ by DEVO

ITS OK. If you play them both at the same time it still works so that’s how I know it’s a good noise sludge cover. I’m not even fucking kidding, start both tracks at the same time. WAS THIS INTENDED?

SPLIT releases on January 22, 2021 and can be pre-ordered now for a dollar. It’s a great violent romp all round, the opening two tracks with Cyttorak will make you wonder if they actually have a guitarist and not just an extra bassist. If your bassist is thinking of leaving your band, they’re probably looking to join Cyttorak. I’ve been following them since “Underdark Invasion from Beyond the Shadow of the Warp” and I’ve been hooked on their dark dark journeys. This is the slowest music you’ll ever destroy a room to. Two solid new tracks, including one Jawbreaker cover.

The second half of the split is manned by Revered and Reviled Above All Others, they continue the vibe of a slowed down grindcore album with their own absurd approach. Throw some fucking churchy operatic singing over the feedback? Of course. Throw a death metal tremolo over a down tempo bassline? Naturally. Do it all in a minute twenty? That’s how you become Revered and Reviled. Props to the drumming, it capitalises very well on the slowness with tone and timing, they’d go well in funeral doom.

I find the idea of a split with each band doing a cover on it very interesting and the bands were chosen well here. Considering how inaccessible the violent noise genre can be, these bands do a lot to bridge that gap to the metal world with an infusion of heavier genres that prevent the noise from stagnating. I’m looking forward to seeing what more comes of Sleeping Village Records organising splits like this, they have a keen ear for underground talent as well as a strong support of Bandcamp. This split can be pre-ordered from their Bandcamp page along with some other cool underground releases, the Caravan OF Doom Vol1 is a solid hand picked comp of underrated new bands.

After buying this split you should definitely go check out the previous album by R&RAAO, ‘Toppling The Rotten Pillar’, a showcase in melding harsh noise, grindcore and sludge. The music is more than appropriate to the toxic lyric matters speaking to the divisiveness of stupidity and greed.

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