Track by Track: Songs For a Change

Written By Barlovv

Sometimes a compilation comes out and I live tweet it track by track. Now I am converting those tweets into an article for posterity and CONTENT!

This one comes from the extremely good and wonderful folks at Poison Arrow Records, Songs For a Change. Every cent made from this release is going to the Women And Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh, PA. You can buy the thing right now, so do it.

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  1. RybackWhat We’ve Lost (2:13)
    Oh damn, ok, we’re doing some just good old fashioned punk shit and I’m here for it. We are the sons and daughters of basement shows, aren’t we?
  2. Dad DreamsMy Therapy (0:53)
    Fast and furious and carrying on with the punk vibes that honestly I had forgotten that I love so much.
  3. American GonerWords Without Actions (Cover) (1:59)
    I will have to shame myself by saying that I don’t know the original song being covered, but the punk tone has been pretty consistent throughout. There’s something deeply nostalgic about this comp so far.
  4. wXdXwCallous (0:59)
    And here’s my dear friend wXdXw to remind me of my forever burning rage. Thank you.
  5. Passing HarsherDrift (3:30)
    A three and a half minute song feels like an eternity after the previous songs, but it brings those rosy nostalgic feelings rushing back and makes the compilation feel like a warm bath.
  6. Excessive Force Repeat Button (1:05)
    The dirty punks from Australia are always welcome here.
  7. Eevie EchoesFuckMyLife666 (Cover) (3:04)
    Oh man. Against Me! in the mix, fuck yeah. A genuinely good cover, I thought for a second it was a Hedwig song but this was even more a pleasant treat. Ugh. This comp is killing me.
  8. ChampenoiseButtercup (2:49)
    Some abrasive shouty-punk that seems like it would be really fun to chant in a crowd while everyone is punching each other, despite the deceptively bright instrumentals
  9. Cocaine MitchElectrocute the Nation (1:00)
    As close as I’m ever going to get to Ween doing a grindcore album I think. Thank you Cocaine Mitch.
  10. Alien MachineWorkplace Violence Seminar (1:23)
    Getting some Suicidal Tendancies vibes and I’m here for it. I’m going to need full length albums from all of these bands.
  11. Ace Merrill and the Golden TonesNight of the Hunter (2:29) I deeply want to see the animated show that this is the theme song for.
  12. Double Hell DeathmatchI Was in a Pop-Punk Band in the 2000s and All I Got Was My Name Added to the Sex Offender Registry (0:25)
    It took me longer to write that than the song so I don’t have a quip. It’s not what I expected, and you’ll know it when you hear it.
  13. Mercy KillFuck Ron Deathsantis (3:14)
    I mean, it’s a sentiment we can all get behind. What more needs to be said?
  14. TH SpeedballSong For No One (2:34)
    I don’t even really know what KIND of punk this is, but its a kind I love everytime I hear it. Something about the earnest singing within the shouty punk vocals really works for me. This does the thing I like so. Like it.
  15. Non PathogenDead Words (3:56)
    Oh hello spooky synths. How did you know you’re what I needed? Oooo. A kind of moody curveball but a welcome one.
  16. Yo AdrianYou Are a Waste of a Memory (2:16)
    Those shouty punks are back baby. Giving me an itch to play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater…. probably unrelated. Also, if these songs don’t make it on to the soundtrack for the new Skate game then I call bullshit.
  17. Southbound Waggy (Cover) (3:15)
    Another reminder that everything prior to Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is a complete blindspot for me when it comes to those nasty boys in Blink 182. Fun cover though.
  18. ThroughfareToo Late (2:14)
    I think what this compilation is bringing back most is the feeling of listening to an Atticus compilation, which I mean as a compliment. So much rich punk music that you might not hear otherwise. Throughfare is another example of that.
  19. Chapel SleepThrough the Eyes (3:44)
    Another “slipping into a warm bath of nostalgia” type song. This album is going to be revisited a bunch, I can already
  20. Operation NeptuneLegacy of Pain (4:31)
    Some hardcore punk – plain and simple. Feels like the kind of thing that you get from a guy selling cassettes in the 90s who also has some of that good good weed. It’s great.
  21. Polly ShoreShaker Drive (3:02)
    Some fun bass-forward punk. Not quite pop punk but they’re having a good time and we’re all invited.
  22. Anxious SuitUncle Leos Crime of Passion (3:33)
    I gotta respect punks willing to talk about their mental health, and this seems to be plenty ready to talk about anxiety. It’s a vulnerable thing, and I appreciate it.
  23. The PeachesDie Alone (3:29)
    I absolutely got distracted thinking that Poison Arrow snagged a fucking Peaches song for this compilation. That said, it’s great. Things have chilled a little bit as we near the end and that’s alright.
  24. Never ConnectedWhat You’ve Become (2:07)
  25. FlincherRingworm (1:10)
    Ending on a brutal note, and I will never be able to figure out why the band name “Flincher” grossed me out more than “Ringworm” – one of life’s great mysteries I guess. This is great though. Not a bad one in the god damn bunch.

And that’s all she wrote, or he wrote… I wrote. Whatever. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and if you’d like catch them live you should go ahead and follow me on Twitter – @Barlovv