Track by Track: Not A Minute of Silence…

Written by Barlovv

Sometimes a compilation comes out and I live tweet it track by track. Now I am converting those tweets into an article for posterity and CONTENT!

This time we’re looking at Non-Serviam’s compilation Not A Minute of Silence…, an anti-NSBM compilation donating profits to donated to solidarity initiatives with incarcerated and prosecuted anarchists. It’s full of some absolute fucking bangers and you should listen to it right now.

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  1. Feminazgul (USA) – A Las Barricadas (7:38)
    Declaration of bias first – Feminazgul was a huge influence on selling me this entire compilation, and that instinct paid off because this is a fucking banger right from the start. Ferocious and hard and a hell of a start.
  2. Non Serviam (France) – Dumbelheit (5:00)
    Holyfuckingshit. I don’t know what I expected but black metal hip-hop was … not it. This absolutely bangs and kind of feels like I’m not doing a good job describing it. Hot damn.
  3. Iravu (Malaysia) – A Fate Worse than Home (8:08)
    A one man, anti-fash, black metal act from Malaysia? You couldn’t sell something harder to me if you tried, thankfully it fucking pays off. Hard.
  4. Spectral Lore (Greece) – The Revolution is in the Details (6:16)
    This album is moving fucking fast and furious, which is wild considering how long some of these tracks are. There has been very little time to catch your breath thus far. Spectral Lore is no exception.
  5. Ancst (Germany) – Voidwalker (3:09)
    A band I’ve only recently had the pleasure of hearing, and everything I hear is even better than the last. The shortest so far on the compilation but it sure doesn’t lack for intensity and fury. Damn dudes.
  6. Nachtschwarz (Italia) – Burning Fury (4:36)
    Honestly alot of these so far feel like they should be played live at the top of a mountain. There is an epicness to each one – including this one – that you really don’t find in many other genres.
  7. Bring Forth the Exodus (USA) – The Inexorable Collapse Collapse of a Broken System (8:52)
    Well, most of the tweet is the title, and also this joke, so lets be brief: it’s fucking great and manages to earn that 9 minutes of your time.
  8. Cave Ne Cadas (France) – Endlessly Confined (3:21)
    Leaning a bit more punk/grind than the rest of the compilation, but it absolutely works. Hitting the half way mark strong and honestly the damn thing still hasn’t eased up.
  9. Carvari (France) – Life-Blood (2:40)
    Man, they are just exceptionally fucking pissed off in France, and I am all about it. Another one that leans more towards a punk/hardcore song. Also, the album on their bandcamp has a triceratops skull on it, so, we’re good.
  10. Homeskin (USA) – Not Mindful (3:30)
    The name Homeskin makes me uncomfortable for reasons I can’t quite explain. “WE HAVE SKIN AT HOME” … also it is unreasonable for this person to be in so many good bands. Just stop it. And yeah this obviously rips.
  11. AISTEACH (USA) – The Opening Crawl (2:55)
    I feel like my brain has been rebooted – this is an absolute insane wall of noise that even over the hard and angry music thus far blasts its way through your brain. I think I’m supposed to take mushrooms… hmm…
  12. Catafalque (UK) – Subliminal Hex (5:43)
    I feel like I’ve moved back to safety after that last one (which was extremely good) – to some good ol’ drone doom. I do wonder if this song might have been a better album closer – but i’m not here to tell anyone how to do their job.
  13. Tower of Filargyria (USA) – Prevailing Winds (4:54)
    Another one that does feel like you’re hearing it from a room over – I’m not sure if the preferred term is “lo-fi” or “raw” but it does feel like one of those. Helps to create a kind of “wind down” feeling at the end here.
  14. Tumultuous Ruin (USA) – What Destroys Us (6:01) My sweet sweet Tumultuous Ruin, keeping the energy almost peaceful, like we’re in a cooldown. It seems like a weird description, especially based on how intense the song is, but that’s where I’m at.
  15. Ritual Object (UK) – Jarman Point (13:10)
    An ambient and genuinely lovely song to take us out on. I found myself being kind of swept away in it honestly, a hell of a thing and well worth spending the time in it.

And that’s all she wrote, or he wrote… I wrote. Whatever. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and if you’d like catch them live you should go ahead and follow me on Twitter – @Barlovv