Album Review: NaKhArA – “The Procession” 9/10 (Prog Death)

Sometimes a music publication can overlook a release from a smaller artist that kicks just as much ass as those from bigger acts. Lord knows I’ve read about it countless times in columns on underground music. As the fine folks at Heavy Blog is Heavy point out, we’re living through a golden age of underground music and there is an absolute flood of new releases at all times. I’m still new to writing music reviews for Noob Heavy (six weeks strong!) but I already find the number of communications soliciting reviews for upcoming releases a bit overwhelming. And I only see the releases for 4-5 subgenres! So it’s perfectly understandable that some gems from smaller and/or newer acts get overlooked in the deluge of press kits and review requests. That being said I want to right one such oversight today with this review for The Procession by NaKhArA.  […]

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Album Review: Isle Of The Cross – Excelsis 6 (Progressive Death)

Okay. This is some crazy shit, there’s so much going on and some people are going to love that and others might have a hard time. I find myself somewhere between the two depending on the track. There’s metal vocals and there’s operatic vocals, there’s probably a 7 string guitar and sometimes it straight up sounds like a video game OST. Overall it’s very reminiscent of Ne Obliviscaris’ debut album. Clocking in at just over an hour, there’s a lot to explore on Excelsis and it is available on the 21st of February. […]