Single Review: Theragon – “Blessed by the Storm” (Power Metal)

Written by Valkyrjia

Release Date: February 23rd, 2022

Power Metal from Valencia, Spain

Label: Art Gates Records

FFO: Avantasia, Gloryhammer, and Twilight Force.

Fantasy and Metal are my jam, oh and cats, but mostly Fantasy, but ESPECIALLY metal, so my fantasy-indulgent heart fluttered at the concept of this single. “Blessed by the Storm” is a 7-minute long, single narrating the story of Kaladin throughout the first book “The Stormlight Archive”: The Way of Kings saga by Brandon Sanderson. It is a fan tribute to one of the greatest Fantasy sagas of all time, and it is done so with utter perfection by Theragon.

Known for previous songs like “Drunk Dwarf Inn” and “As The Wind”, Theragon once again takes Fantasy Metal to new levels!

Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Ferran Quiles (Vocals), Alejandro Ibanez (Guitars), Enrique Garcia (Bass), Hector Palanca (Keyboards), and Joan Andreu Quiles (Drums), formed Theragon in 2018, and quickly pushed forward with ambition to not only debut this single but, teased at a full-length album later this year.

This is an adventurous fantasy track that settles in as a Bard’s song. It’s catchy and elusive as it introduces the character of their tale before furiously unleashing their musical skills. It’s quick, jaunty, and fueled by magic. How could I not indulge in such a single when it’s based off a brilliant series of mystery, magic, and mayhem? The execution is divine!

Not only does Theragon tell this tale but, masterfully express it with layers of instrumental companionship in the form of rising drums and persistent bass, to decisive battles and choices to be made through deep riffs and harsh vocals. Wizard-like speeches add literal magic as vocals soar against melodic guitar solos that keep this 7-minute track as entertaining and intriguing as the saga itself.

In whole, this is a small slice of what Theragon has revealed to us. What their album will unveil is still among stars but, if it’s anything close to this track’s energy and creation, count me in tenfold!

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