Album Review: Holycide – Fist To Face 7.5 (Thrash Metal)

Written by Southport Rocker

  • Fist to Face
  • Thrash / Heavy Metal
  • Madrid, Spain
  • February 14, 2020
  • Xtreem Music
  • 7.5/10                                                                                                               

Spanish Thrashers HOLYCIDE have delivered their second full length album upon our ears. And they are not here to play nice. Starting off with their album cover which was done by Akriant Illustration who has worked with IRON MAIDEN. They’ve created what can only be described as some sort of toxic robotic humanoid beating the crap out of Donald Trump. Nice!

HOLYCIDE is the brain child of Dave Rotten (AVULSED) which he put together in 2004. Have been on / off since then with a few different line ups along the way. An EP Toxic Mutation in 2015 and their first full length Annihilate … then Ask! in 2017. Now here they are with Fist to Face due out February 2020.

The music itself only carries on from the album cover with fast paced riffs, bludgeoning chaotic drumming and of course the political agenda within the lyrics. The album opens with an intro that mixes select Trump moronic monolgues, then goes in to an angry roar from vocalist to the first track “Fist to Face” with it’s heavy riffage, drumming and an instant fists in the air pumping sing-along chorus. Of course you can’t have a thrash album without the chorused gang vocals such as the track “Napalm Sweet Napalm” which makes this a fun album to listen to even though the concept within the album has a very socially aware meaning to it.

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The track “Empty Cyber Life” has a bit of a breakdown to it which had me thinking of parts from OBITUARY and MUNICIPAL WASTE.  HOLYCIDE can obviously play their instruments and showcase those in tracks “Nuclear Fallout & The Aftermath (Recipients of Death)” where the tempo is brought up with fast past riffs & breakneck drumming which will have the speedsters headbanging along in no time.

Overall, what HOLYCIDE provide on Fist to Face for the listener is fast paced thrash metal with blistering guitars that maintain the heaviness and speed without losing focus of the song. The solos go really well with the riffs without being totally over the top. The drums really move everything along – the kick is right in the mix and beats you right in the chest. The gravelly vocals aren’t to far back in to the mix and you can hear the lyrics fine. The production is quite clean and modern sounding allowing you to hear all the instruments. There’s plenty to headbang to and loungeroom mosh to.

A solid album for sure.


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