NOVENA release new video for “Sail Away”


Heavy News by Katha

Two months ago, NOVENA released their incredible debut album “Eleventh Hour”, which has melted with my player since then. The mix of styles is mind-blowing, but everything is in a natural flow. There are countless musical and emotional turns, it’s beautiful, brutal and overwhelming at the same time.

Now, Novena published a gorgeous new video for “Sail Away”, the most peaceful track on the album. Starting with a few piano notes and spoken words, you just want to get lost in it and … sail away.

Watch the video here:

About the band:

Novena established themselves on the UK and international prog scene in 2016 with the release of their EP “Secondary Genesis”, followed by performances at high profile concerts like UK-Tech Fest and their impressive debut album Eleventh Hour (released March 2020, via Frontiers Music srl).

Their music moves from the profound to the profane, from the fragile to the unforgiving, and from the introspective to the utterly destructive, exploring a plethora of different genres along the way. Fans of intelligent, engaging music will have much to indulge their mind and spirits in with this band.


Novena – Eleventh Hour


Ross Jennings (Haken) – vocals  

Gareth Masons (Slice The Cake) – vocals, poetry

Dan Thornton – guitar

Cameron Spence (Ravenface) – drums

Matthew “Moat” Lowe (Sludge) – bass

Harrison White – guitar/keyboard/piano/percussion, Theatrical Director and Composer

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