Noob Heavy 2022 Fundraiser (Bandcamp Code Pack)

We are very excited to present the second annual Bandcamp Code Pack fundraiser, here’s a breakdown of the fundraiser.

What is it?

A collection of bandcamp codes provided by bands from our community and elsewhere. Each pack contains roughly 30 codes to download the album on Bandcamp in the format of your choosing (MP3, FLAC etc) and you can add it to your Bandcamp collection page. There are just under 100 packs, some albums are limited and are shown below (some albums more limited than others) and thus the first people to donate will get slightly bigger packs. The rest of the packs will still be absolutely stuffed with music so don’t sweat it. If you dig an album, help the artist by buying merch or leaving a nice review!

How do I get a pack of codes?

Packs are emailed to people who donate money to the fundraiser. Donate your amount to via PayPal (account owned by Melinda/Carcassbomb) and then email the screencap of the payment to I will then send the pack in reply to that email (when this goes live I’ll be monitoring the email for some hours to send them asap). In the event that someone donates without sending an email, I will send it to the email address associated with that paypal account (which can be old/dead accounts for some people, hence this process).

What is the money used for?

The fundraiser is a new concept for us and we use this to raise funds for the website hosting fees and plugins (SEO related stuff). Last year this succeeded and we were able to renew the site as it is for another year. This year I want to make it bigger than ever and raise money beyond the needs for the website hosting to be donated to the Australian LGBTQIA+ charity Minus18 who provide support to young people in the community as well as send LGBTQIA+ learning materials to schools (for larger donations). Not only is it our aim to renew the site for another year and keep it ad free, but also to get as many school packs sent out as we can (if we get even one I’ll be stoked).

UPDATE: Goals reached, site fees paid and 380AUD donated to Minus18 (reciepts posted on Twitter). There are still a huge amount of packs left as of 12th of June 2022 and donations will remain open until the end of the month when I can make a second donation if possible.

The Albums

Dr Colossus – The Dank (2018)
Dr Colossus – I’m a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and A Big Butt and my Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt (2021)

Two LPs from my favorite Australian band Dr Colossus, a Simpsons themed stoner doom band full of hilarious references and surprising depth of mood. Big thanks to the band for supporting this fundraiser! They even provided enough codes that both albums will be in every pack.

Breaths – Though life has turned out nothing like I imagined, it is far better than I could have dreamt. (2022)
Breaths – Lined In Silver (2021) (limited)

If you still haven’t checked this proggy post doom band out after being in the higher end of my end of year list for 2021, then good news, you will now get a copy of their 2021 LP Lined In Silver as well as their 2022 LP with the long ass name.

Rise to The Sky – Every Day, A Funeral (2022)
The latest album from atmospheric death doom band from Chile, Rise to The Sky, who have a huge output of critically acclaimed sad doom.

Winds Of Tragedy – As Life Drifts Away (2022)
New side project of Sergio from Rise To The Sky, but this time more black metal. This album isn’t even out yet (June 17th release date), but you can have it now.

Bog Wizard – Miasmic Purple Smoke (2021)
Rugged stoner doom themed around Dungeons & Dragons. Literally nerd doom.

Aeons Abyss – Terror Manifest (2021) (limited)
Death thrash from Australia. Terror Manifest is a concept album that uses tarot cards for each song and they even have a run of their own branded tarot cards as merch.

World Eaters – Grinding Advance EP (2021)
Old school death metal with a Warhammer 40k theme and a love of Bolt Thrower.

Homeskin – Cries Methodically (2022)
Another new project from Gary of Sallow Moth, Cara Nier, Gonemage and more. Expect a fun ride with anything he makes, particularly if blackened grind sounds appealing to you (it should).

Fire to The Prisons – Fire To the Prisons (2022) (limited)
RABM (Red & Anarchist Black Metal) from Australia made by a local friend of the site. Debut release, look for more from this artist.

Tumultuous Ruin – Demo II
Tumultuous Ruin – Thrall of the Winter Moon (4​-​Way Split)

RABM from California with a raw sound. They provided their most recent demo as well as a four way RABM split featuring Pungent Shroud, End’s Embrace, Tumultuous Ruin and Darkgem.

Huntress of Stars – Borrowed Eyes With Which to Sorrow
A consistently great DIY post metal/doom project with a heavy arsenal of effect pedals. If the album titles and artwork doesn’t give it away, the themes in this one are quite dreamy and full of fantasy.

…But the Shadows Have Foes – Sparks Unknot the Flesh
The neocrust project of the person behind Huntress Of Stars, righteous lefty DIY hardcore.

Krystal Swords – Alpha (2022)
A really cool dark synth electronic album from my friend Sierra of Captain Jade and the Skyfarers (who were in last years code pack). It really does evoke the images of high tech cyberpunk cities at night, and I love the coloring choice of the hair on the album cover (pink, blue and white).

Hand Of Kalliach – Samhainn (2021)
A fantastic (and critically acclaimed) melo death/folk album from a duo in the UK.

Legendarium – Under the Spell of Destruction (2022)
A project fueled by an adoration of old school metal and the crustiest most punk black and thrash. It is very much “heavy metal” and kicks ass.

Anna Pest – Dark Arms Reach Skyward With Bone White Fingers (2021)
Anna Pest – Something Is A Foot (2018)
Not just a friend of the site, but also a contributing member of the review team. If you haven’t listened to her music yet and you follow this blog, I don’t really know what more I can do to get you to listen to her music, I guess I’ll have to make you own it now, then you have to listen.

Harjo – Nocturnus : Drowning (2022) (limited)
Very chill (until it’s not) post metal/drone with contributions from the teams very own John Angel.

Acid Cross. So many Acid Cross releases. We got codes for four of their releases, although it’s very limited numbers. Heavy thrash metal with some drumming contributions from James of Hellripper.

Method Of Freedom – The Tape Sessions (2022) (limited)
Queensland based experimental electronic project including Peter from Fire To The Prisons. This releases June 7th, which is this week! So you’re really on the cutting edge here.

Egor Lappo – Naturealism (2022)
Cool progressive metal project from Russia.

Extinction – Smouldering Enfoulment (2020)
Imagine gore grind except it’s about how fucked the environment is due to the existence of humans.

Gibusnipu – Gaming in the Manson Years (2022) (limited)
My friend Gibby is obsessed with mashups and this is one of their own, with samples from the likes of clipping., Death Grips and NIN so you know it’ll slap.

Mouri Sunlight – Product People (2020)
An interesting project originally pitched to me as progressive grind. The release goes into deeply personal themes that may be disturbing to some people (particularly involving sexual assault). A chaotic solo project that DOESNT use midi guitars, for the love of god do not accuse them of using midi guitars.

Through Mists – The Forests Edge (2022)
A great hodgepodge of styles, primarily black metal but with so many other cool shifts.

greyfleshtethered – The Dark Being (2021)
Self described as trans anarchist black metal, precisely the kind of black metal I like to listen to. Long long songs with a good mix of riffs, ambience and intrigue.

Antecantamentum – Keres Melanos Thanatoio (2019)
Excellent antifascist atmospheric black metal. This lovely excerpt from their page shows the soul of this project: “This song is dedicated to all noncisgender and gender nonconforming people – may we live the lives we aspire without fear, may we be able to love and be loved, and may we allow ourselves to see our own beauty. May we be free: ΑΝΑΣΤΗΣΟΜΕΘΑ”

Iōhannēs – Murheenvelvoite (2020)
Energetic blackened death metal with fantastic vocals. The album title translates from the Finnish word to “an obligation of sorrow” and I love that word.

Depression Quilt – [OVERLAPPING WHISPERS], An Shadow & [NONE] (limited)
A few releases from long term supporter of the site Depression Quilt. Self described as “music to not get out of bed to” which sums it up nicely as their work explores a lot of uneasy niche genres like noise, drone, gaze, dark ambient and “indistinct clatter”.

Arklay Mountains – The Lamb Will Never Overcome (2022)
Hypnotising post rock with dark witchy themes and a few emotional jabs. New project out of Ontario.

Blade Of Marrow – Luminous Rot (2022)
An interesting project from James of A Constant Knowledge Of Death that has a lot of experimentation with styles including black metal, acoustic, noise and emo.

Redreigner – Redreigner EP (2021) (limited)
Old school death thrash from a new band from Greece.