Live Shots: Lizzard Wizzard @ Crowbar Brisbane 27/09/19

Band: Wizzard Lizzard

Genre: Stoner Doom

Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook

This show was absolutely wild and hard to photograph. So much went on and I’m a big new fan of Wizzard Lizzard. Firstly they look exactly how they ‘ought to and the bassist is wearing the shirt for the same Carcinoid demo I’ll be reviewing this week. At some point a guest vocalist joined from the crowd and I was able to replace him at the front. The final song, some dude in a suit had to stand there holding the guitar amp plug into the amp and this is stoner doom so the songs like 7 mins haha. Big show, I’ll be sure to get to the front early next time.

I see they have a sold out cassette on Bandcamp, if anyone has one they want to sell or trade hit me up (local).

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