Hyborian release new track “Planet Destroyer” and details of Vol II via Season Of Mist

‘Vol. II’ will be released on March 20, 2020. The song “Planet Destructor” is now streaming via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel which I have embedded below. The release is available for pre-order HERE

We’ve all heard stoner rock, stoner doom and southern metal, but Progressive Sludge Metal is a tag that gets me excited every time. As you can tell by the sounds on display in this new single, they’ve done well to replace the monotony of sludge with the exciting energy of progressive metal. It’s good blending that creates a nice middle breeding ground for all sorts of goodies. Definitely looking forward to the new album in full. Check out the full art and details below as well.

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According to the band the album is based both musically and lyrically on the book The Traveller, A Hyborian Tale written by Martin Bush.

“The original idea when we started planning out what Hyborian was going to be was to have three records; the first one was going to be stories from the beginning of time and early humanity before the advent of the written word and that’s where the name comes from – author Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age. The second album, which is what ended up happening on Volume II, takes place during the very last days of the existence of the universe and the third record will be about the modern industrial age.”

“The book is a short read, but a very convoluted plot. It’s very fantasy and sci-fi based – that’s mostly me more than anyone else in the band. The new record follows the book chronologically. It’s like The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd, only way more direct. If you read the lyrics of songs in order it basically tells the exact same story as the book, just way more in-depth.” – Martin Bush

1. Driven by Hunger (05:11)
2. Stormbound (04:18)
3. Sanctuary (05:28)
4. Planet Destructor (04:40)
5. The Entity (03:55)
6. Expanse (03:40)
7. Portal (04:43)
8. In the Hall of the Travellers (08:10)
Total: 40:10s

Martin Bush – Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Ryan Bates – Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Justin Rippeto – Drums

I do not yet know who did the art but I’d love to find out! WIll update when more details become clear.

This cover art is bloody nice, in a terribly horrific way, which is exactly what we want from out metal covers. I enjoy the subtle branding of the Band name and album title, it really respects the concept on display. I’ll definitely be going back to check out Volume I which is just as visually enticing. Here’s the art for Vol I:

Naturally I’m quite excited by the combination of imagery, sound and concept. Three things I always appreciate at Noob Heavy.

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