Esoteric Tape: Bloodlust – Leather, Steel and Hell (Speed Metal)

  • Bloodlust
  • Leather, Steel and Hell
  • Blackened Thrash Metal
  • Perth, Australia
  • July 5th 2019

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Bloodlust have come forth with a basic but kick ass offering of blackened thrash metal with this 4 track EP. It’s all about the attitude and groove which are obvious from the very telling album title of Leather, Steel and Hell. It delivers on all three in a cassette release limited to 50 copies. I’m happy and fairly impressed that I’ve received this tape within a month of it being released and within a week of ordering it. The quality of the tape is serviceable, not good or bad. The music sounds great though, the mixing allows for a clear analogue sound through my system. It’s an old school attack that serves as the step in for the uncle who insists that you “swallow some concrete” at the family gathering.

Not be confused with all of the other bands named Bloodlust, this is the Australian and likely far more underground version. It is guitar-solo-worshiping metal that exists entirely for metal’s sake. After hearing it a couple of times, it starts to really come into it’s own – you start to get a sense of their direction, with melodic guitars backing what sounds like black metal anthems. The cover of Slayer‘s “Fight Till Death” feels oddly hillbilly – I could imagine it being played at a rodeo or while people are stomping on grapes and shit. I recommend it for fans of Slayer and Hellripper.

Overall, it’s a solid little shot of metal that looks great in a physical collection. Got exactly what I asked for.

Artwork and layout by James Campbell


Photography by Dani Chivers, Noir Obscur Photography


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