Esoteric Tape: Amogh Symphony – IV.I/IV.II (Avante Garde)

This is a super ambitious project for an indie label, this is a eccentric jazz metal double album released on double tape by F0gDiver Records (store). The quality of the physical product is high above the other tapes I’ve collected so far. It’s more solid and heavier. I can immediately hear Buckethead influences – technique driven guitar-work that sometimes sound like a sonic the hedgehog level. There’s a variety influences at play here from Butthole Surfers to Radiohead. There’s a decent amount of tiphop/electronica too. This is one I’d highly recommend to my stoner readers, it rewards the patience of a drug induced high. Headbangers will likely be dissatisfied as they would wait too long time for their thrashier rhythms to return.

The second guest vocalist will be a highlight for many, it’s a very alt rock kind of Puscifer energy going on. Or even Mike Patton’s project Peeping Tom. The idea of a solid group of musicians using a variety of vocal collaborations is appealing to me, it fills the gap often left in instrumentals without invading the space of the record.


The artwork for this double album is from Saloni Sinha (@morbidillusion) who I have been following for some time, definitely a gallery to have a look a through. There’s a very peaceful or restful nature to the otherwise mystical images. This looks great on cassette and I’m glad to have it as a part of my collection.

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