EP Review: Falsehoods of Today – “If Our Dreams Collapsed By The Seams” (Post-hardcore)

Written by: Valkyrjia

Release Date: April 8th, 2022

Post-hardcore/Melodic Hardcore from the UK

Label: Trepanation Recordings

FFO: Bad Omens, Silverstein, Thrice

Bandcamp: Falsehoods of Today

Falsehoods of Today has returned with an immense EP titled “If Our Dreams Collapsed By The Seams”. Following the success of their previously released single from the upcoming release, “Fixating On How Much Time Aphrodite Has Left” this 5-track EP boasts an array of heavy solos, vicious vocals, and brilliant musical expansion.

Not uncommon to the times, this EP was recorded entirely remotely during the lockdown, with guitarist James Roberts sending the material to bassist Luke Fabian who then reached out to the other band members to get involved. The result is a tribute to post-hardcore/melodic hardcore reminiscent of the early 00’s to present day to clearly display each band members’ love of these genres.

“Does My Destiny Co-Exist with Mortality” is the first track off this 5-track EP and boasts a parade of power-hungry instrumentals and passionate vocals. This track starts out heavy, with a tune that reminds me of the melody behind Deftones’ “Minerva”. There’s intensity and steadiness throughout, pausing for moments of breath before once more diving in headfirst with harsh vocal highs and dwindling lows that hover on lingering chords. The gentleness at midway perfects their homage to the genres they take part in, with a furious breakdown coming in clutch to re-ignite the fires of this track.

The second track, “In Present Day Dreaming Of Now” keeps pace with the old school post-hardcore vibes. It works off the heaviness of the introductory track, keeping the tunes strong and uplifted while once more bringing in those spine-tingling riffs. Bass-heavy lines ring throughout, adding tranquility to an overly vicious track to add a layer of soothing melody to its tones. Vocals come at us strong, and forceful, truly emitting an unmatched energy from vocalist Cam Wilson with the assistance of Luke.

Previously released track, “Fixating On How Much Time Aphrodite Has Left” is reminiscent of early Silverstein works “My Heroine” that settles on lower instrumentals to amplify vocal range. The musical strength on this single is outstanding, coming in with Nick Povey’s wall-shattering drums and bass that vibrates your bones. Holds on flying guitar strings energize this adrenaline-fueled track with perfect stops and restarts that get your blood pumping. Once more we meet a crossroads where we’re met with the hymn of vocals before a head-slamming breakdown is introduced through a violent scream. This track commands attention throughout, briefly pausing for mere moments before dragging us through a hellish display of vocal prowess and musical skill from end to end.

The fourth track is “The Beginning Of The End Of All Things,” and really hammers down on the hardcore genre. Vocals are in your face, with the melody matching its passion right from the start. It’s an awe-inspiring track that pulls some of the wildest shifts from highs to lows, and in-your-face thrashing to nearly full-stop breaks, leaving nothing behind.

“Eros’s Memoirs” completes this EP with wild riffs and banging drums. For a hardcore track of this level, it’s easy to find your body swaying along with the melody, which comes as no surprise for those who dwell in the Melodic Hardcore mixes from time to time. The allowance for instrumental prominence in this track permits the display of instrumental talent from drums, to bass, taking a moment to let the vocals hang back while we admire the technical skill.

The Bottom Line:

Those eager to re-listen to their Post-Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore favourites without them becoming over-played like they were in their debut will find joy and excitement in Falsehoods of Today and their EP “If Our Dreams Collapsed By The Seams”. Touching on the influences from those genres spanning over two decades, this band truly recreates the emotions we held then, twisting them and making them entirely their own for generations new and old.

Favourite Track: Fixating On How Much Time Aphrodite Has Left