Album Review: Bull Elephant – Self-Titled 8

November 29, 2019 CarcassBOMB 0

There isn’t much information as to the identity or location of Bull Elephant, as they choose to stay anonymous. Their debut record is a concept album, and despite having listened to this record several times I still couldn’t tell you what’s going on in my own words, but their Facebook bio sums it up pretty well, “Bull Elephant is the story of a slain African elephant that occultist Ahnenerbe SS attempted to bring back from the dead as a new form of battle asset. However, before re-animation could be completed it was intercepted by a mysterious witch-shaman, pursuing her own agenda and redirecting the undead creature’s purpose.”

Micro Dose: Vagrant – The Rise Of Norn (2019)

October 8, 2019 CarcassBOMB 0

Verdict: A diverse musical experience that features some symphonic undertones and melodic death riffs. Add to this combination an ounce of folk to bring the medley to combination. Each song on the album presents almost a separate aspect of the band’s work and each is worthy on its own merits. Quite a worthy album, considering it is the German’s debut.

Album Review: Insomnium – Heart Like A Grave 9.6

October 6, 2019 CarcassBOMB 0

Insomnium – the band that got me hooked on melodic death metal for life. And here we are with their latest album, Heart Like a Grave. And what a gem of an album it is! The sound of the album and the image it depicts through words and melodies are as bleak and dispirited as the taiga forests and fens of their motherland in winter. It takes the cheery and chirpy soul and renders it depressed and forlorn, casting it into the abyss of desolation.