Album Review: Bright Curse – “Time Of The Healer” 9/10 (Stoner Rock)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Bright Curse
  • Time Of The Healer
  • Post-rock/Stoner/prog/metal
  • France
  • 2019
  • 9/10


Bright Curse are a french band that have flown beneath many radars since they started in 2012, I’m glad I found them. Time Of The Healer offers stoner influenced post-rock with decent vocals. It’s difficult to classify it as post-rock, perhaps prog rock is equally relevant. There’s a lot going on here with it even daring to cross the threshold of sludge/stoner doom metal. And yet, at times reminds me of Radiohead or even Tool. It’s a strange mix that works well overall.

Generally speaking, this is a slow record I think many metalheads would appreciate with there being clear inspiration from 70’s heavy metal and earlier takes on doom metal like Candlemass. It would go over well for post-rock fans of bands like Pelican. Finally there’s a mathy Minus The Bear aspects to some of the tracks as well. This record just goes to show that no matter how long a genre has been around, there’s always bands that find a way to make it their own.

My favorite thing about this sound is the use of trumpets on the tracks Laura and Time Of The Healer. It never disappoints when it comes crashing in and helps to add a lot flair to the simpler moments of the tracks. Laura is my favorite track by far, it’s a very grungy track throwing back to the 90’s but it doesn’t feel stale. The horns and the technical guitar work make it a really compelling and emotionally stirring song. The composition is really stimulating with a variety of segments and vocal styles. It’s also one of the shorter tracks which makes for a great single. Listen here:

IF that track doesn’t win you over then I don’t know what will. The rest of the album have the post rock signature of 10+ long tracks that cross between worlds of a psychedelic nature with jazz discourses and a noir kind of sound no doubt coming from French pop/soul influences. There’s a lot of music knowledge at hand here, these guys are talented musicians and composers that subvert a lot of stoner rock tropes and celebrate others. There’s also a lot of emotion throughout the tracks with some crazy powerful peaks that demand your attention, often followed up with tumbling gain laden bass lines. Then back into the void of space with clean tones and a sense of silence. It’s an experience, man.

The artwork is awesome and yet I cannot find an artist credit anywhere. They are what bring music to life and make people pick them up and say “this looks rad, I’ll check this out”. Bright Curse deliver on the aesthetic and promise of the album cover.

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